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Earned this month - Bug

My earned this month numbers reversed like $300, now one has asked for refund, the money simply disappeared, I am contacting support, anyone got the same problem?

I am having problems too, my funds have been clearing for the past 3 weeks and nothing is happening…I contacted support today as well.

I heard a lot of people are having issues with the revenues and there seems to be a bug, hope they will figure it out soon.

I frankly don’t even look at that number anymore, it’s always been so buggy. As long as all the numbers in the Revenue section are accurate, I don’t think “Earned this Month” is something to worry about.

I got the same issue. I had 100$ removed from earned this month, I contacted CS about it I got a reply that I should wait another 24 hours and reply back. I did not contact them back as I figured it will turn into a “do you have any proof?” I will follow this thread, i’m curious what will happen with your issue :slight_smile: I’m guessing nothing.

Reply to “emasonwrites” yes but if someone found out how to beat the system from inside I’m guessing they are cleaning their tracks aswel so you basicly have no proof you had the missing amount in your account. At least that is how i see it.

I also wrote about it to Customer Support. They didn’t answer.

I also have problem with “earned this month”. I think this started when I received my first tip and then the second one.

It shows more than I earned. Anyone else thinks this may be because of tips ?

I don’t know if the money really disappeared or it was just the number, anyway that number is my daily motivation!!!

Reply to @claudioa: well seeing it go down by 100 demotivated me for a whole week :smiley:

Reply to @radugeorgescu: That’s why you should always keep a separate record of your Fiverr earnings–not just the excel files they create us for us, but a separate spreadsheet/book into which you manually enter your orders and earnings. That way, you always know exactly how much you were supposed to make and whether or not your Revenue section is accurate.

Reply to @radugeorgescu:

I see you have not contacted CS, but you should, I think you dont need proof, what you need is to have CS looking into your account to see what is wrong. I think my earnings were not affected, just that number, they said the technical team will look into it.

Reply to @claudioa: thank you for the heads up, going to do that.