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Earned This Month revenue figure

Has anyone ever noticed the earned this month figure changing (and by that I mean dropping) ? Or any other revenue figures suddenly dropping for no reason.

How is the earned this month figure tabulated? Is it all the figures in the funds cleared file for the month?


I keep a close eye on all my numbers, and yes I see changes. However I am always able to easily sort it out (in-spite of Fiverr’s odd process.)

“Earned This Month” is the total (net) dollars of orders, by COMPLETION DATE, WITHIN A CALENDAR MONTH.

  • Not Set Delivery Date
  • Not Expected Clear Date
  • Not Cleared Date
  • Not Delivery Date

    Note: Order status can be “Cleared” or “Pending”

Thanks. I’ve begun to think of taking a screenshot every morning of all the numbers. Not that I distrust Fiverr but there are too many bugs in the system these days.


Now I take a look at the new tab under manage sales to find 17 “new” orders. 14 showing as “new” 3 as “competed” Yet all are in reality complete. Hmmm

Reply to @irishguy1: I’ve reported the very same problem weeks ago and it’s still there. You have to understand that Fiverr developers cannot fix what they broke because they have to take care about the new wonderful features (ARS is one).

Anyway, about your trouble, CS had to alert tech team to fix my “earned this month” amount too… and all they did is telling me that there was a problem and that from that moment on it won’t be there again for my account… note, it seems like they have to fix it manually for every account when reported, SMH

I had this problem of my revenues dropping and reported it to customer service, who transferred it to technical support, who said they checked and can’t see any problem, in spite of me sending screenshots about 30 seconds apart showing the drop. I lost money.