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Earned This Month - what does this total consist of?

So i haven’t been able to figure this out…

Is “earned this month” total at the top of “The Sheet I’ve Got To Do” page:

a total of ALL sales pending in queue, delivered and complete that month ??


just the ones that have been delivered and complete that month ???

Anyone know the ACTUAL answer… don’t want “i think” answers… :slight_smile: Need the correct answer for financial planning.

Thanks so much for your help! :slight_smile:

Here’s my take on it. And based on the method I use, my number agrees with Fiverr.

“Earned This Month” is the total (net) dollars of orders, by COMPLETION DATE.

Not Set Delivery Date, Not Expected Clear Date, Not Cleared Date, Not Delivery Date, but the Actual Date the Order became marked as COMPLETE in the Fiverr system.

Order status could be “Cleared” or “Pending”.

Anyone? Class? Anyone? Bueller?

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Reply to @voiceoverwork: I’m hoping it’s actual money CLEARING/CLEARED that month thus far… that would make the best sense… as that would be the definition of “earned this month”…

I’ll keep waiting for a solid answer :slight_smile: ha ha

I’ll be shocked if I’m wrong. I’ve been managing books for decades, and this is a fairly common accounting method.

If Fiverr didn’t impose a 14 day wait time, the EARNED date and CLEAR date would be the same, and the two amounts would balance. But with a 14 day float, and with an Active Seller, the numbers fluctuate, and there will be a variance. Also with an Active Seller getting a mixed bag of Buyer Completes and waiting on Auto-Completes, the EARNED is most likely always going to be higher than the PENDING CLEARANCE amount.

@voiceoverwork and @bachas85 - Okay, so i just tested and I just delivered some orders that my buyers right away rated and are now considered “completed” - no new orders came in during the hour… and my “earned this month” went up the exact amount that i cleared from those gigs… Hmmm… hopefully it’s just cleared and closed out funds! :slight_smile:

Wait. “Cleared and Closed out” ??

Clearing will take 14 days. So… your “pending” should now have risen a commensurate amount of the Earned, while your “cleared” amount remained unchanged.

And, I just had 3 gigs “clear” and the “pending” total reduced and the “cleared” total rose, while the “earned” remained unchanged. Sounds right to me!

I tend to just look at the little green square at the top right corner written X$

That is not pending, not clearing, not closed, not earned, not upcoming, BUT REAL MONEY READY FOR MY BANK! kaching [-O<


Absolutely. As you gain Levels and grow, you’ll be looking at Earned and Pending with equal glee.

@Voiceoverwork - yes, yes correct! That’s what i’m talking about :slight_smile:

My spreadsheet is perfect! :slight_smile:

Perfect! :slight_smile: Thanks @bachas85 for that update! :slight_smile:

It’s when your orders are complete, you’ll notice when you get a positive feedback - the monthly count will go up.

I posted this above on the 17th. Glad to see CS confirm it.

“Earned This Month” is net (after Fiverr) dollars of orders by COMPLETION DATE.

  • Not Set Delivery Date
  • Not Expected Clear Date
  • Not Cleared Date
  • Not Delivery Date

    *During the period, Order status could be “Cleared” or “Pending”.

    Now. Why aren’t you’re spreadsheets in balance? :wink:
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Well then. That is odd. Did you accidentally put a wrong amount to an order(s) in your spreadsheet? I do that occasionally. I use Access and the queries keep me in balance. Anytime there is a discrep, it’s something silly I did!

My Earned This Month has actually dropped at certain times…anyone else experience this? Second month in a row. In the morning I had over $200 today. And this evening mine says $145. Very very weird. Any thoughts?

This one is the most correct answer!