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Earned This Month (Zero) ! When I Have $262


I Have Big Issues

My Tasks Section In (earned This Month) Become Zero When I Have $262 Before

and My Revenues Still The Same ($262) And EveryThing in my Account still the same except The (Earned This Mont=Zero

Who Facing The Same Issues ?

Is Something wrong !

Plz Help



So (The Earned This Month) Disappeared every month? This What You Mean

But The Revenues Still Shown, Thats Normal ?

So Like You Say Its Just Showing Month to Month

Im Really Get Scared :slight_smile: Not From Halloween But From Fiverr This Time ;O

Mine changed as well, as I am sure everyone’s did with the month change, I wouldn’t be alarmed, its just showing the mo to mo, the 262 you have would have been from a month now past and not shown, its not a grand total, but a specific month showing, now if the total disappeared altogether i might get concerned.

I think that number refers to the money that has cleared, the money you can withdraw right away. But I’m not sure. Either way, I pay more attention to the revenues section than that section. I’m still happy that today is the 2nd of the month and I’ve already earned $84. That’s not counting the $450 I’m waiting to clear and the $650 already available for withdrawal. Fiverr is fantastic, last month I made $900. For the first time in my life I’m learning to save money because I’m tired of driving an old 2003 Honda Accord. My dream is to buy a Toyota Yaris or the Prius C. I’m dying for a new car, with no car payments. Maybe I can save $20,000 in 2 years.