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Earning and paypal

Hello Everyone,

I’m just a new member to the Fiverr community. I joined Fiverr the end of this January and I just made few orders. My earning is not that great but it is just a start and I’m not concerned. However, my earnings don’t appear in the withdrawal window and I can’t link Fiverr with my Paypal account. Is there any solution for this issue?

Thank you in advance


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Hi Noha,

Welcome to the forum. You can only withdraw money that’s displayed under “Available for Withdrawal”. Your Revenue goes into “Clearing” for 14 days (some kind of a security period) and after that, you’ll see it as “Available for Withdrawal”.

As you’re new, it would be a good idea to check out the articles in Fiverr’s Seller Help Center, you can find a lot of info there that will answer questions of a more technical kind and that might even help you to avoid issues that might arise later.

And congrats on having gotten orders so soon!

Oh, or did you mean your revenue is past the 14/15 days clearing period and yet didn’t appear as available for withdrawal? In that case, you’ll need to ask support. There’s a Contact Us button on the Seller Help Center page I linked.


Thank you Miila for your info and advice. Actually my first order was submitted Feb 2nd so tomorrow Feb 16 marks 14 days so I will wait and see.
I will check the Fiverr’s help center , hopefully to learn something new that helps me promote my gigs.
Thank you again and good luck to you too.

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