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Earning Autobiographer Badge impossible!?

Only discobot, the bot, earned the “Autobiographer” badge. Can not we write our autobiography!!! :unamused:


I have moved your thread since it doesn’t belong to Community Rules and Guidelines.

Also, keep in mind that collecting badges won’t help you get clients or sales, and it won’t help you grow in the eyes of Fiverr - badges are useful to those who actively contribute to the forum, nothing more.

Instead of collecting badges, you should be contributing to the forum and let the forum automatically give you the badges you deserve based on your contribution and forum activity, that’s how they’ve been designed :wink:


I am curious. How do you move threads to where they belong?


You have to become either a Regular forum member or a Moderator - both these forum levels grant a few extra features.

You can read more about the Forum Levels here - as you will see, forum members of level 3 are allowed to “recategorize and rename topics”.


I don’t think that badge is obtainable at this time. No big deal, there are so many others and you’ll get many of them by interacting normally with other real people in the community. Best of luck. Thread now closed.)