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Earning by posting on forums [Mod: This is not true]

Hi everyone? I had an account with Fiverr but has never been active because i never get any gigs. Recently i read in an article that if you post on this forums one can earn upto $5. Is it true?


No, it’s not. Must be some internet myth.
Being active on forum, you can learn many things which benefit your business in other way; not that you’ll be paid just by posting.


No, it’s a colossal bullshit. This is the true name of the thing.


No, Its not true. You can earn $5 by inviting your friends. You can check it here-

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I don’t believe in flagging but you might want to rephrase your reference to bovine excrement. This s a PG forum.


Could you please share the link to that article, I want to read the whole story.

So that is why the forum is continually full of spam and other rubbish!

NO you will not make any money or anything from the forum EVER! (except maybe some nice freelancer friends if you hang around long enough)


Quote of the day…


I think that there must be a special place in Hell for the inventor of the political correctness.

At the bottom layer, along with the inventor of the aluminum siding, the inventor of the cubicle and the inventor of the air quotes, all with the same guilt: they have in mind statistical beings, that don’t exist in reality.


I think …It’s not true…

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I agree entirely. I’m just amused by how no one has flagged you for using an expletive when I’m not allowed to mention the Judo-Christian underworld or even abbreviate in the form of phrases like W followed by two other letters.

Clearly, you are playing regular games of scrabble with someone on the inside. :slight_smile:


It seems that a lot of people read articles like that, what explains the main content of this forum.


No bro, its not true… May be someone want to create a confusion among fiverr sellers.

I hope you understand.


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Sometimes I wonder how people never think to go beyond basic ‘how to get rich on Fiverr’ Google searches, and search instead for actual business advice and entrepreneurial success strategies.

It’s like some people are just on cognitive autopilot.


This is why I’ve happily muted certain categories on the forum. Got tired of reading the repetitive nonsense junk day after day. :woman_facepalming:t4:



If we got $5 for every time we posted on the Forum, some of us would be very rich! :moneybag: :money_mouth_face: :joy: :rofl:


Actually there are posts telling to post on the Fiverr forum glorifying Fiverr. The reasoning is that it will help a Level 2 seller to be considered for TRS and other sellers will be rewarded with more impressions. They are the same articles that encourage sellers to use girls picturs for profile as it will be sexually attractive and cause sympathy.

No wonder I see so many Forum users liking anything and everything. In some cases, they like posts that should not in any way be given a :heart:! These same people almost never comment on anything. They come to the forum and lurk :eyes: but never participate.


What I can’t understand is why people believe such rubbish. Like surely anyone with even a moderate IQ would see how dumb this whole thing is. The very idea that a company would have staff constantly scanning the forum to see who says something nice about Fiverr is so stupid that it defies belief!

Of course, the conspiracy theorists will use my reply as evidence that it must be true because stupid people make stupid assumptions.

stupid, stupid, stupid
If you are wondering why this annoys me so much it is because mods tend to have to edit, move, remove, etc all the stupid stuff that gets posted…


Some people will believe anything. We all have seen plenty of evidence of this. What these sellers do not realize is that by using “pretty girl” pictures they are often accomplishing the opposite of what they are seeking to do. :woman_facepalming:t2: Many buyers think the “pretty girl” stolen profile pictures signify a dishonest :lying_face: seller who may cheat them. I never buy from sellers with such profile pictures. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: