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Earning by posting on forums [Mod: This is not true]

And when they do they write generic comments all over the forum by copy and pasting them. Stuff like “Great information. Thanks.” “I agree with this post” etc.
They don’t even read what they are replying to, what can be hilarious at times.


I was only saying what could be the cause of such an idea. There are lot of how to succeed in Fiverr articles, books, even seminars that you actually have to pay to attend, teach these tricks. Not saying they are true.

Some sellers do take the “Pretty Girl” seriously. Just look at new seller intro in this forum.

I’m always skeptical about the Tips for Sellers posts. 9 out of 10 times these tips are borrowed from elsewhere. Good news: We have some amazing sleuths :face_with_monocle: like @offlinehelpers to weed 'em out. :stuck_out_tongue:





I filtered the whole category out. It’s a no-go area for me :joy:

It was just a big pile of :poop: to be honest. Everytime I see those cat names it says:

:radioactive: Do Not Enter Radioactive Zone :radioactive:

It’s a shame, I didn’t do this earlier in my forum life.

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My reaction when I learned we don’t get paid for our forum posts.


Yeah, I know that, I wasn’t saying that you believe them!
It just amazes me that people believe this stuff!

I don’t follow?

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LOL like seriously :face_with_raised_eyebrow: if people get money by just posting on the forum then they don’t need to put hard work on their gigs :woman_facepalming:

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I’ll actually be happy to pay $5 for forum posts (not on the Fiverr forum) which result in $50 orders placed with me on Fiverr by LEVEL HEADED HUMAN BEINGS.

A basic condition, of course, would that I would only pay for posts which resulted in orders.

In fact, some people are so out to lunch I might just try this.

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That is EXACTLY why certain new sellers buy into that junk. They want Fiverr to be a get-rich-quick website, where all they have to do is set up a gig, and instantly get rich. They have no idea how freelancing works, and they have no interest in doing any work to earn anything.

I weep for future generations. So many of the young people I see these days seem to believe that entitlement is a right – they feel they deserve whatever they want, merely because they want it. In reality, however, that kind of entitlement usually ends up in complete and abject failure. No business has ever achieved greatness without hard work, sacrifice, and determination.

So many new sellers (usually the ones coming to Fiverr after reading the “guru garbage” from those internet articles and stupid how-to videos) fail because they refuse to do any work to become successful. They just don’t view work as a component to success. And then many of them get mad at us veterans who keep telling them to do work to earn their success.

Success is NOT a right. No one deserves success.

But anyone can EARN it with hard work, sacrifice and determination.


My God. Is there no one who doesn’t work for my local mafia don?

@jonbaas you should’ve ended your comment with this…

Nuff said! You deserve a medal :medal_military:



Totally agree with you, some people think freelancing is a piece of cake but it ain’t. Success doesn’t come overnight it demands to burn the midnight oil and sincere hard work.

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lol…what a load of shit.

I agree with you,

But Just hard work, sacrifice and determination seems to do it all back then, now its more about ‘working smart’ and of course sacrifice and determination.

I feel this should be made into a T-shirt range along with other @jonbaas quotes.
The range would be called Freelancer Baasics.


I like the way you think. :wink:


Well, the lurking I understand. I do that a ton. When I first started on Fiverr, I jumped onto the forum and tried to be active and I got a lot of snark in response to my first few comments. One when I was actually just trying to be helpful and answer the poster’s question. Snark is kind of the culture of this forum, and not everybody is comfortable participating when the culture isn’t friendly.

This isn’t the scariest place on the internet, but it’s not the friendliest either. I like to read through the posts and keep up with what’s going on, but I don’t participate a lot.