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Earning Certificate from Fiverr

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Is it possible to get an Earning Certificate from Fiverr? Sometimes we need it, I don’t think Fiverr provides this kind of certificate, so if anyone knows how to get one then feel free to tell me. Otherwise, we can contact support and tell them about our needs. What do u think guys.


If you mean for income tax services, simply type Income Tax in the search bar on the Forum landing page and you will see a wealth of information there. :wink:


I think you should contact with support.


I have a same question. Did you find any solution?

Yes, Brother we should inform to the support team of fiverr. It’s the important think that Earning Certificate.
On the other hand Upwork provide us Earning Certificate but why fiverr can not provide us?

Contacted them since 1/31 and they said it’s still pending/ under review… it’s been over 2 weeks now! They are way too slow at doing things but charging us high 20% commission. Unacceptable.


good question. support center contact now.