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Earning Clearance Days (Suggestion)

No level and level one has 14 days as earning clearance days, i am suggesting to Fiverr that they should reduce this 14 days time to 10 days for Level 2 sellers. Then, it will be a clear difference between all levels.

What you guys think??? Yes??OR No??

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I disagree. The clearance times seem fine just the way they are.


it is actually same for no level, first level and 2nd level, and only differ in top seller badge. Can i ask you the reason for this disagreement??

Why would Fiverr shave off four days just to allow clearance in 10 days? This makes absolutely no practical sense. The current clearance time is two weeks (14 days = 2 weeks).

Two weeks is a fair, and reasonable clearance time for New Sellers, Level 1 and Level 2. If you receive the honor of being promoted to TRS, then Fiverr offers the vetted benefit of 1-week clearance.

There is no practical reason to have an odd in-between clearance time. 1-week and 2-week clearances seem perfectly fine as-is.


It means, you think, New Sellers, level 1 and Level 2 has no difference between them in terms of clearance time?? But only TRS should have this difference? If they avail in 7 days, then 10 days for level 2 make sense to me if we consider and compare all these levels :slight_smile:

By the way, everyone has his own thinking. Let’s see other replies

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Yes, that is what I am saying.

Very well. I’m sure many other veteran sellers (like me), will agree that 1-week and 2-week clearance times are practical and realistic. A random 10-day completion time makes absolutely no practical sense.


Okay, what if i suggest 7 days clearance for level 2?? Will it make sense then?

Fiverr only offers 7-day revenue clearance for Top Rated Sellers. I doubt that is going to change anytime soon. Level 2 sellers get by just find with 14-day clearance.

7-day clearance is a special bonus to being a TRS. Why would Fiverr dilute that special bonus, by letting other levels have it as well? TRS sellers have earned special trust and consideration from Fiverr, therefore, they have earned 7-day revenue clearance.


Meh, I’m perfectly fine with the 2 weeks clearance. :pineapple:

Hypothetically speaking, if 5r rolled out (7) day clearance to all Sellers, GREAT!
But I’m not going to hold my breath.

Simple… It’s a perk!

If you want that perk, work hard to become a TRS, then you’re golden. :wink:

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I think 14 days is fine. It gives Fiverr time to make sure the buyer is happy and not going to ask for a refund. Also, in my off Fiverr job I must wait a month to get paid so 14 days is fast to me.

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I think it will take some time

14 days is actually OK. I’m cool with it. I don’t wish it changes anytime soon

This is an accounting issue. If everybody were allowed 7-day revenue clearance, Fiverr could see itself in trouble when refunding and investing. Try seeing Fiverr as a bank whose funds are sellers’ earnings (including the 20%).

Of course, refunding depends on the amount of monthly requested and granted refunds and chargebacks, quantity none of us knows as Fiverr has never shown statistics - which by the way, would be good to know as it would give us all a real perspective of buyers’ behavior.