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Earning Clearance time


I think Fiverr should introduce a request feature for sellers using a seller can request buyer for quick release of payment and in case of approval the payment of order should be released to seller instantly.


Millions of Fiver’er will start abusing the platform.


I don’t see that happening anytime soon for a number of reasons.

Can you imagine what the marketplace would be like with sellers pestering buyers to “release funds” ?

Buyers are already bothered constantly by amateur sellers with “please submit a review”, “please mark the order as completed and I will deliver later”, “please change your review to 10 stars!”

So to keep this short: what you are suggesting would be a tool for sellers to try to game the system.


Nah… Not a good idea for obvious reasons. :-1:


Would be a nightmare. However, fiverr should pay Level 1/2 in the same 7 days as they pay TRS and presumably PRO. I can’t see any reason why fiverr deserves to hold (and collect interest on) my funds an extra week.


agree 15 days are huge time but i guess thats fine


I think they should reduce it for the level 2 sellers atleast to 10 days


For sure 10, maybe also a little bit less than that. They’re holding on to your money for a minimum of three days if the buyer doesn’t manually mark it complete. To then hold on to the money an additional 14 days is ridiculously absurd.


Not a good idea for a couple of reasons. This would only lead to abuse, and I could only imagine the flood of incoming “fund release requests” buyers would receive… No thanks.
The current time for release is a bit long, but whatedver. You’ll get your money eventually.


I can imagine 90% in this forum are sellers. But if there are any buyers reading this,could you tell us how much extra Fiverr would charge you for every $5?

I don’t think Fiverr would make the clearance period shorter even some buyers agree to pay immediately. Not only for preparing the buyer refund, but mainly for the short-term deposit interest in the bank account.

This kind of platforms always protect and please the buyers as they are the source of earnings. Any sellers quit, others join, never worry shortage of suppliers.

I think everyone should know the rules and accept the situation once you decide to join.