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Earning on fiverr is easy or not?

I am working on fiverr from May 2019, by the grace of Allah, i got level one on 31 May 2020 ( actually practically i doing work actively from December 2019 so by The grace of Allah i got first order in Feb 2020). I try my best to complete that work and literally swept come from my teeth. Not only it is my first order but also to do work in french language so you can understand how is it difficult especially for those whose English is secondary language. Any how i completed and earn 80 dollar net of fees and charges. Then i got some how the fiverr work. So i thought now i have understand it.

So when j completed zero level i thought now i will become hot list of fiverr and now i will become rich as i hear stories on youtube.

When i got congratulation message from fiverr. I feel like going dinner with anjlena juli.

After sometime, my imression levels going down even reach at drastically position.

I conntacted my friend he guides me some tips. Then impression going better.

So i got offers and try to complete them.

When my level one completed. So i thought now i will reach level two but unfortunately one orrder going cancel. So due to this my requirements are below, so no 2 monthes are passed, then my level some how going to normal. Then i thought i eill tuch the level 2 but fail.

Now i m still at zero level. (It may be readon of my mistakes) but still at zero level. So i think it is very difficult to earn through fiverr.


Nothing is ‘easy’ - because the marketplace is super crowded. I won’t say I didn’t think the same as you did for a while (back in 2017 when I made my first attempt at becoming a ‘famous writer’… But it took me a long while to get where I’m at (and I’ve still a long way to go.) The problem is that a few years back you could still earn with all the tips and tricks you read on youtube - but the marketplace (and life) is changing. I can see that you offer something I personally haven’t seen before (but I also haven’t searched for anything tax/etc. related so can’t say whether it’s because your profile is unique or not!

That being said, I do believe that if you have talent it’s easier to get over hurdles like cancellations (I don’t have a perfect rate either - neither do I aim for it.) Working hard is important of course, but being good at what we do is essential (I think at least!)
Anyway, don’t lost your spirit, I’m sure you’ll get that level 2 badge one day!


It is sad that people are led to believe this from some “guru” on YouTube. I would wonder if these YouTube guys actually sell here? Are they TRS or at least Level 2?

This is not to say that some here make a lot of money and have gotten rich. But, the average seller here, and especially in the last year with so many new sellers due to world chaos, it is much harder to have consistency in earnings/orders. It just depends I guess on what you are selling. If you are in a niche that doesn’t have a lot of competition, and you are not really doing well, you have to ask, “Does anyone really need this service?” If you are in a niche that most people who watch the YouTube gurus sign up for, it will be like walking uphill on ice to try and succeed. Most new sellers who come here find themselves in the same old categories every other new seller puts themselves in. Unfortunately, the world may not need a million virtual assistants, copy/paste, photo editing, SEO, WP etc types.

Earning on Fiverr is probably easy for some. But, I would think that number is probably only about 25% and that is being generous. The rest may feel as though they are walking through a desert most of the time.



If it was easy, wouldn’t everyone working on Fiverr be rich?


I think so.

Honestly now i m not worki g to get any status but for doing good and move forward. I think it is better because where you have less expectations you less felt heart. So i think its better to move forward . Anyhow thanks for your time

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To get your order it can be quite difficult at first. But the best ways to get your orders flowing in include:

  1. Having keywords in your gigs (don’t overuse them though)
  2. Include a video and good quality photos
  3. Link accounts, do Fiverr’s tests and courses to gain credibility (this increased my ranking from my experience.
    Hope it Helps!
    High-Res Studios

@bilalsarfraz48 I agree with you it’s not easy to earn in fiverr, success result of hard work and patience…

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I tried it. But first options are good for building impression. I will work on it

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