Earning over 300$/ per month


Hi everyone,

I was wondering lately:
I’m a seller number 1 on Fiverr with a seniority of almost a year and a half.
I have never earned over 300$ per month. My biggest month was May 2018, earned 282$.
It’s not that I don’t see any improvements or a progress- I can see it. But I was just wondering:
Did any of you guys break the 300$ block?
Maybe it’s just a matter of time and seniority? (like becoming seller number 2, Which I’m very very close to)?
Sometimes I’m almost at the 300$, But then it seems that there are no new orders for some reason…

Would like to hear your opinion and experience about that.




Yes. I am aware of a few sellers that have made at least a few thousand dollars a month – even one who sells/sold at the $10,000/month level. Sellers earn income at all revenue levels here. The sellers who take their gigs seriously, and treat them like a business (with marketing, promotion, SEO, etc) are often able to make a good living on Fiverr.

No two sellers are alike, though. One seller’s success, will not be the same for someone else. Don’t compare yourselves to others. If another seller makes $10,000 in a month, that’s great. If you make $200/month, that’s wonderful as well. Set YOUR goals, and work to achieve them. You are not going to be like everyone else.


Thanks Jonbaas,
Just wanted to hear that sucess on Fiverr really exsists.
I take my gigs very seriously, So hopefully it’s a matter of time for me to earn much more!


None of us would be here if it didn’t exist.

I’m sure you do. However, please keep in mind, saying that you do, is not the same as taking action to make it happen. If you want to succeed, it’s less about time, and more about action.


There are quite a few examples of super-success on Fiverr. Here is one just to show you what I mean:

That said, there isn’t a magic formula. The average seller probably makes less than 1K a month, maybe even less than $500. For many it’s a hobby income. I personally know at least 20 sellers who make a real living on Fiverr (routinely over $3000/month.) It’s like any other business, though. You need a good product, good marketing, and effort. Some people would say you need varying amounts of luck in timing or uniqueness. You’ll get a different answer from anyone you ask.


It’s just the demand of the field that you are working in. I know voiceovers rake in $$$.


So you’re saying I should open a new gig in a different field that can make me more income?


I haven’t needed a rake in a while.


No, imo, that would be a disaster if you don’t have the requisite skills to succeed and make it to the top in that much sough after “different field”. Rather than finding the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, you might have to make do with negative ratings and scathing reviews.

You have the best chance of making the most money you can — doing what you do best. :slight_smile:

However, that doesn’t mean one can never branch out. It would be prudent to do so once they have assimilated all the essential skills required to succeed.


I started my first gig on June, 2018. In June, July, Aug I got a total of $300. But suddenly (luckily) something happens past 2 months. Both Oct and Nov gave me $700.

So dont lose hope. Keep at it. Try to find something unique. Separate yourself from the market noise.


You need the actual skills to do something in order to make a successful business out of it. You can’t just decide to open up a pizza shop and not know how to make pizza.


I have the skills for Music: both singing and playing, So I’m thinking open a gig in this field as well.
The question is: will it seem a serious business to a buyer who enters my profile and sees graphic designing along with some music gig… I always studied both Music and Design and doing both since I was a child, But always thought it’d look weird to people to combine both as a business…
Anyways, That’s a whole different subject to a whole new topic :slight_smile:


Do you have any idea what was it that ranked up your sales? Would love for some advices :slight_smile:Thanks.


It is definitely possible. What do you mean by being seller number one?
Are you a top rated seller?


Hi fogi,
No…I wish. It’s the level that comes after “new seller”, once you’ve earned over 500$ and other stuff which I don’t remmember right now…and then the next is “seller number 1” and then “seller number 2” and only then I think- Top rated seller.


Hi @abierevital,

Just say level x seller, being x 1 or 2. (level1, level2)


If You do it well enough, add it. To be honest, I think most buyers will respect your abilities even more. Also ensure to give good customer service, I honestly cannot emphasis on how effective it can be on Fiverr.


OK, so you are at an early stage of your journey right now. You’ll earn more, don’t worry! Just make sure you advance!