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Earning shows less than I earned


I recently noticed that in the dashboard January earning is 60$ whether it is 72$. But in my mobile apps, it is ok. Dashboard


I think is it a bug of fiverr. It will be solved soon.


I had the same issue, but It became similar within few days. Seems like fiverr is updating their algorithms again. or If it’s not contact cs


@codepanda Thank you for your comment. Hope it will be recover soon.


@tayburrahman24 Thank You.


I found same type of problem, I think bug on apps


My app showing exactly same as PC dashboard, so it’s not a global issue. You can check logout & login again or by clearing app cache.


What is app cache? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Try google, if you couldn’t figure it out, I will definitely try to help.


Yeah i did. I know now. It is an android thing. Never used an android device before. My mistake. :pray:t5:


I faced it on my laptop , but in my mobile app it was ok.


No. In my case my android apps is ok. but it shows wrong on my computer.


@wp_kid Thank you. Appreciate it.


Thank you for your suggestion. I will try and let you know.