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Earnings amount for job is INCORRECT

My earnings for a $90 job should be $72. In my pending earnings, fiverr shows that I will only earn $60. I have not received a reply from Customer support regarding this matter even though it’s been over 48 hours since I submitted a ticket. I have 3 other orders that will be completed within the next couple weeks and this had better be resolved before those jobs are complete. Fiverr has always charged 20% commission, so how could the algorithms possible calculate my earning incorrectly? The terms of service page says that sellers earn 80%, so there is no excuse for this type of error on Fiverr’s part. I will raise holy hell if this is not corrected and if this were to happen again. I will also report them to every possible fraud and government agency. This is unacceptable.

MOD NOTE screenshot removed,the username of your buyer was visible


This is a long shot but did you happen to mess with the currency option?

$72 translates into 60 euros.


did you also check what is actual amount showing in pending clearance on the earnings page?


$60 already mention in her attachment my bro, not in euros… :slightly_smiling_face:

@karolynh check this… :point_up_2:

See third screenshot. No, I didn’t not change the currency. I’ve always been paid in USD, never in anything else. Yes, I checked the earnings page.

before raising ’ holy hell ’ contacting support might be the best idea


Perhaps you didn’t read my post? I submitted a support ticket over 48 hours ago…

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patience is a virtue


You started a public thread,anyone can comment . Being aggressive despite your problem won’t solve anything


Maybe the bug IS the $/€.


Right now with this pandemic situation it takes fiverr longer to reply. It might take between 5-10 days and I’m sure they’ll solve it as soon as they’ll get to your ticket.

There is also no point to be passive aggressive towards people who’s trying to help you in this thread.
I totally understand how frustrating that might feel, but there is no excuse in reacting like that.
Right now it will be better to take a deep breath and wait fo CS to respond. There is no other way to solve it anyway.


Can you share a screenshot of the order page where it shows the order value?

Did you check what is Original amount of order ?
May be Its $75 and you got Tip of $15 ? and sum is $90 shows on your order page ?
In this case both amount would separately get in clearance !

How do delete my post?

Wow !
Click on 3 dots on bottom right of your post and then click on right most bin icon !

Why would you delete it?

Could it be something to do with buyer discount? Sometimes buyers get discount codes from Fiverr and on order it shows wrong amount, even you earn actual amount at the end. I had that problem few times before.


I understand how upsetting this must be for you. But taking it out on people responding to your post is not acceptable. It’s a bug. It happened to me once. It will be resolved eventually.

Name calling is not appropriate nor allowed on the forum.


I do hope you were more polite to CS.