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Earnings and response time don't match on selling/analytics page, dashboard and App

I have a weird bug where it shows 20 hrs response time on the dashboard, but 2 hrs in the App (which is definitely correct).
Pending clearance amount looks correct, but total earnings in June are different on dashboard, analytics page and the app and the difference is 70-100 bucks across the boards. I have FOR EXAMPLE; $1900 on one, $1970 on the other and $2050 on the third. I’m reading on some replies here that some of us have the same issue. I just wanted to share my specific experience so that you know you’re not alone. Hope it gets fixed soon. :star:


Yes it has happens to me too it show different from Application and from the desktop both has different earning and response time,

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I’m experiencing the same thing. Earnings on app is different from PC and also the “awaiting rating” is not showing correctly, instead of showing 7 it’s showing 5. I hope this doesn’t affect the gig stats.

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Try asking to customer support to “refresh” your account.

Be advised that they may sent an auto message saying that your account is all good, but insist to get it refreshed.

send them screenshots from this discrepancy.

BUT dont give up in their first response. You may need to insist on this

I have same problem they refreshed my account but I am still have this problem I have an open ticket to customer support but since 5 days they not replied. I am worried about this.

Yes, I too believe that refreshing the account will not help since a lot of us have the same problem. They need to apply a fix to the analytics page and dashboard earnings and response time.

Same is happening here, when I look into analytics the earnings are fine, while on dashboard it’s all messed up. Both earning during the month and response time. While on app it’s ok. I think this all happened since they made the changes to the dashboard. Hope they will fix this issue soon.