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Earnings are not correct

Hi everybody,

I have checked my earnings and there is 40$ difference between withdrawing and Net income. I don’t have any money available to withdraw and I have not bought anything from the platform.

How is this possible? Obviously I don’t have the time to sum all the orders and do the calculations by myself, but I have never had any issues. Also according to my calculations, I shouldn’t be missing any money, but is it possible or the automatic calculator is just bugged?

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I don’t know if this helps, but Net income is different to withdrawal income. It takes 14 days for my money to come through once an order has been completed. This could be the different (14 day waiting period).

I have already withdrawn everything and I don’t have any “pending clearance”. I was curious if the two numbers are the same afte you’ve withdrawn everything from the account.

Hello, i’d love some feedback on something i’ve faced a while ago. i was checking my earnings page and i found almost double the amount of my income under the ‘net income’, i have no clue where it came from. I was notified that i was compensated for a cancelled order, but the order was for 20$ not 300 something dollars! any clue on what’s happening here? thanks!