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Earnings confusion

Hi, I start looking today my earnings and something is not ok here or maybe I’m just confused. So for example one song I charged 120$ and after Fiverr commission I should be left with 96$ but instead I got only 20$ so… wtf? I contacted them and I’ll hope I’ll get the answer soon but in meantime… I’m just too confused. Also I did noticed more of this payments like that!

Please help if someone has the same experience!!

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Did the buyer happen to leave a $25 tip? That would make it show two different amounts in your earnings page. One would be for $96, and another for $20. I am just guessing here.

Also, if the total $120 charge reflects a gig extra, the gig extra is entered separately on your earnings page.

Hi Jasmin,
You would surely receive the full payment after the fiverr commission. The 20$ you see may be the tip by the buyer. Your actual payment and tip both will show separately on your page. So no worries at all.

Hmm… this make sense actually. Tnx.

Yes… maybe that’s the thing. I never watched this until today and I was just confused. Tnx

Now I look really stupid… tnx folks! I did check everything again and it was just panic :woozy_face:
Tnx once again for help :slightly_smiling_face:


To be fair, it’s confusing…

Just make sure to mark your ticket with Customer Support as solved so they can move on to other issues.

Some thing is wrong in Earning Tab , my with drawl amount and net amount suddendly increased by the amount same of my last withdrawl i have also made a complaint , but by seeing your post i am now sure a bug has infected the earning tab.