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Earnings Disappeared? From Fiverr to Payoneer


I had $96 available for withdrawal. I withdrew through Payoneer and fiverr alerted me that I check my inbox to confirm payment.

I opened my inbox and saw the mail. When i clicked on the link to confirm, it opened a 404 error page on

Now when i check my Fiverr earnings page, it says payment has been issued successfully but when i check my payoneer account, the amount is not reflecting!!!

What happened? Where is the problem?? This transaction was done on 19th February 2019, one day ago


You’ll need to ask Fiverr and/or Payoneer I’m afraid. Nobody here can help with an issue like that.


did you checked your payoneer transaction history ? if you don’t see it under your balance on payoneer then you should check your payoneer transaction history ,it should be under review there .and if you still don’t see it there then you should contact with support on both the platforms


UPDATE: I think i just panicked too quickly. After posting here i logged into Payoneer and clicked on “View Transactions”…once the page loaded i noticed some link that says “Upcoming Transactions”. On clicking it i saw the payment from Fiverr waiting for my approval. I l clicked to approve and the payment was loaded 2 hrs later



Great, you are deserved that :relieved: