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Earnings Discrepancy

Hi guys,

First post here and I’m struggling to figure out how much I have actually earned!

On the website if I click Earnings I have 3 totals to consider:
Expected Earnings
Pending Clearance
Available for Withdrawal

If I add those 3 together I get a total of $400

On the app on my phone I have different totals to consider:
Personal Balance
Pending Clearance
Active Orders

If I add those 3 totals together I get a total of $500

(I have made the numbers up, obviously, but the app always seems to think I’ve earned more than the website!)

Please can someone clarify what I need to actually add up to figure out how much money I have that has not been withdrawn?

(Obviously I know how much I’ve withdrawn by checking my bank balance!)

Thank you,

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The three numbers are not to be added together.

Expected earnings refers to the amount you will get when the current active orders are completed. Once active orders are completed, their fees are removed from “expected earnings” and added to “pending clearance”. After 14 days, cleared monies are “available for withdrawal” and no longer appear in “pending clearance”.


Thank you. So essentially there is no option to, at a glance, see exactly how much I can expect to earn?

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“Pending clearance” is what you have already earned from completed orders.
“Expected earnings” is what you will earn given that the orders are completed.


Sorry if I’m being dim here. Which I am, clearly.

Why the discrepancy in amounts from the website and the app?

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No idea. My phone is too old for the app


I’m pretty sure the app is marketed as a tool to use when you’re on the go, so I’m guessing the idea isn’t for you to look at your total there.

I have to say I prefer looking at earnings on the app since it’s more on a weekly/monthly basis, you can do it on the website but it’s just a lot easier on the eye through the app.

Coerdelion already explained pretty much all of this, but here’s a comprehensive break down of all of the numbers, including the ones from the app:

On browser version:
Net Income - your total all time earnings
Withdrawn - your total all time withdrawals
Pending clearance - your earnings from recent orders (up to two weeks old), that are still in clearance period
Available for withdrawal - your cleared earnings you can withdraw
Expected earnings - your earnings for the orders that aren’t marked as complete yet
Earned in [current month] - your revenue for the orders that were completed (not started) this month

On the app:
Personal balance - same as available for withdrawa, your cleared earnings you can withdraw
Pending clearance - same as above, your earnings from recent orders, that are still in clearance period
Earned in [current month] - same, your revenue for the orders that were completed (not started) this month
Active orders - a total price of the orders not yet marked as complete, Fiverr’s 20% fee is not yet extracted (hence the different numbers)


Not sure if you took that into consideration yet, but the expected earnings don’t take any fees into consideration, but pending clearance does.
Say if your expected earnings (e.g. your active orders in this moment) show $100 and you complete all the orders so that they are added to your pending clearance, there it will say $80

similarly, for $500 in expected earnings, you’ll have $400 in pending clearance after completion due to the 20% fee Fiverr takes as commission.


Thank you everyone. Much appreciated.

So if you make $3750 they will take 20% of that or is it more? I am doing this as my career since the job market is terrible for young adults.

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Yes, Fiverr takes 20 % from any amount you earn, from tips as well. But as I mentioned if the $3750 is already in your pending clearance, the 20% were already deducted.

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