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Earnings doesn't show

Hi everyone,

I recently made a five star reviewed job and I had a 25 dollars tip. But it doesn’t show on my earnings. I informed fiverr eight days ago and still there is no answer from them. I have seen other people complaining about that their earnings doesn’t show on the clearance tab and that is the case for me as well only that mine is a tip. What should I do?

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You’ll have to wait for 14 days before your earning shows up for clearance

Please be patient

Thanks for your reply but it’s not about waiting for 14 days. I have finalized another project the same day and I can see that payment is waiting for clearance, but the other job I did had a tip as well… I can see that payment is waiting for clearance but the tip doesn’t show. Normally tips are shown as a separate payment and mine is not there.