Earnings Dropped


For some reason my earnings dropped, it was at $715 now its at $692??? Ive had no canceled orders or revisions? Do you think its a bug or something should i contact customer support


Ohh. :thinking: sad to hear that. You must contact custom support for that.
(I hope you are aware of that we get only 80% from the work.)


Yeah I know that once you withdraw it takes 20% but where it says earned in september its has just completely dropped which it doesnt do.


I have read that PayPal can do a payback if one of your buyers asked for it due to being unhappy.


but all my orders everyone has contacted me saying they have been very happy with the results, I contacted customer support and of course no help at all, they said everything looks fine and that was it.


On another thread, a seller said they too had delivered the gig and got 5 stars too. Then Paypal did a payback. They found out that from Fiverr customer service. I do not know if that is the reason your earnings went down, just saying maybe . . . :thinking:


what withdraw method you are using ? @shaunacardwell


I am using paypal but sometime i use bank transfer


I think when you using Bank Withdrawal then the Bank deduct some money as charge, that is why your income dropped. Its my thought.


I think it’s a glitch. reason being if you subtract the two you will get that 23$ were deducted. If it was a charge back how would one explain the initial amount paid. If someone pays 30$ you will get 24$… Fiverr only deducts when there is a transaction, not when the funds are sitting on your fiverr account.


Your buyer can ask for a refund through opening a dispute in Paypal long after (I’m not sure how long) the order has been completed. In that case, Fiverr will deduct the money from you account. It can be a possible reason for your account balance to go down.
Maybe its your bad luck that you had a buyer like that, who completed the order with giving you a good impression but did something like that later on.


Maybe cashback by paypal.
Read more about it :frowning:


Please contact with customer support. They are so nice and Helpful


I did and they were no help at all.


monthly earnings dont drop until you have withdrawn the money though. I think it might have been a glitch or something, i dunno just seems dodgy to me, not much I can do, customer support gave me no info or help on it at all and Ive asked all customers over the past three weeks who ordered if they were happy with the results and all said yes maybe someone did do paypal payback but seems unlikely to me, nothing i can do now anyway.


Your earnings have have dropped. I have never had any.


you must use one if you are using paypal its good as bank transfer also have hidden frees in most cases


the day will come, just keep working hard! :slight_smile:


May be a bug contact CS, wishing you good luck for more earnings :grinning:


I did and they said nothing was wrong, no help at all from them. and thanks! :slight_smile: