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Earnings Goal for Level One


Hi. I want to talk about the new levels system. I created my first gigs a couple of months ago, now I have completed 9 orders, 10th delivered to be marked as completed.

My gigs are usually starting at $25. I have had 1 custom order which raised my earnings to $204.

My question is, isn’t $400 too much for reaching level one? Considering that “most” of the buyes dont buy expensive gigs from new sellers ( my experience ).



Actually, I think it’s too low.

It’s to prevent fraud. Under current system, unscrupulous sellers will trade reviews by buying each other’s gig for $5. 10 gigs cost them $50 and they get to level up + 10 five star reviews; afterwards they can Jack up the price.

Now spending $400 makes it harder for the cheaters, unfortunately, the honest ones always get caught in the middle.


I went to your gig page and you have no gigs and in one place it says you have been here since May and in one place it says you joined October 24. I see no record of gigs sold. I am so confused :confused:!

If you are complaining about $400 being too much to make, you can send some my way. :joy:


In this case, the honest ones will just take a little bit longer to get a new level. And, as you’ve noticed, buying yourself a level or two will become more expensive, especially for those with multiple accounts (just imagine the multies crying on the forum after they spend money to get to level 1 or 2, and then get banned).


I joined last year but created my first gig in September this year.



All I can say is :smiling_imp:


Makes alot of sense! Thanks :slight_smile:


Dang my :heart:s are gone so how about a :wine_glass:?


Lol when I have enough, sure :smile:


This is what confused me.


You may wish to remove the link from your profile before Fiverr staff notices it (unless you have asked CS for permission to put it there, and they have allowed it).


Like @catwriter said about CS, you’d be better to check about this too:

The preferred communication medium is Skype, TeamViewer or Discord.


Which link? My website?


The one on your profile page.


Done ! Thanks :slight_smile:


That is help amd consultation, how else am I supposed to see someone’s screen to solve problem in one hour?


You need to ask permission from CS, otherwise all communication has to go through Fiverr messaging.


Done! I’ll ask CS for permission


You are so right. I didn’t think about that, but you’re right. A few level-1s probably bought their way to it.