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Earnings Needed To Reach Next Level

Quick question, Fiverr next level requires you to achieve X amount of days, orders days without warnings and… EARNINGS, here is my question: If I have already reached all those numbers, but my pending clearance is not ready to impact my total earnings will I still be illegible to reach the new seller level?

Also, on that note, could it be that delivered (not yet accepted), and pending (not yet delivered) orders don’t impact total earnings?

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Pending clearance not hampers evaluation. if all other requirements are done then you will be promoted to the next level…



Thank you for your response! Much appreciated! So, delivered (not yet accepted), and pending (not yet delivered) orders do actually impact total earnings, or not until accepted delivery? Thanks!

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I think there is a bit of confusion. Pending clearance is for orders that are already delivered. Accepted and completed.

To be sure you can just look at your all time earnings tab, that’s what will count towards your evaluation.

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The moment your delivery is accepted, the revenue will be added to your total earnings even though it’s pending to be cleared of 14 days as it’s. If your amount reach the required to get to next level is met, the earnings will turn green( in fiverr mobile app) and in PC you will find it in your “Analytic” tab where you will find the percentage line turns green.

All the best on your upcoming new level.

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When you will deliver the project After accepting the client of the order and reached your target amount of 2000$ at that time you will be counted as a level seller 2 in the evaluation period. Otherwise, if you have any red sign in your mobile dashboard then it will not be counted if you exceed the limit of earning.
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