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Earnings per month


How much you earn per month, me as a new seller, I earn around $30 and I think it’s accetable because every month I’m getting more orders!

Hi frieds Share your working experience! N How much of your income this month?

More than i need but less than i want. :ok_hand: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




HAHA… I got it!!! :wink:


Well :slight_smile: enough for BMW x6 :smiley:


**wow, i am coming to that level


My 1st withdraw was 80$ I think I earned it in 25 days. But sorry I do not want to share my regular income as it’s confidential.


In my first month I was fortunate to earn quite a lot and you can read about that here How I Completed 50 Orders, Made Over $500 and $200 (4 orders) Pending in 6 Weeks

What many people forget is that the amount you earn at the start is not really important. It is more important to provide an excellent service, get good reviews and establish a good relationship with your buyers. I believe that getting repeat customers is the most important thing on Fiverr. In the beginning, your gig is shown high in the search results but after a couple of months it will probably drop down a bit. If you do not have repeat customers then you will struggle a lot at this point.
I still have regular clients who bought from me in my first couple of months even though my prices have gone up a lot since. This is how I have been able to make good money on Fiverr, not just have good results for the first couple of weeks.


I remember how I made $82 in my very first week as a freelance writer, back in Feb 2014 on another platform. I was so excited, had no idea that people could actually make money from the internet.Since then I’ve had a good run.


I didn’t complete my first month yet. So can’t tell ya!


I am stabilizing at around 1400-1500$, which puts me slightly above minimum wage in my country, but for around 20h a week so that’s alright.


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You should put up a photoshop gig as well.


Check out my profile…


Oh, that photoshop gig? Sorry, I missed it. :slight_smile:


Yes that…


@djgodknows can we switch jobs lol


Not enough, not enough :frowning:


Got Ya!


Wow,please help me to get a kick start.