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Earnings problem


i already complete order 30$ but i don’t have the money in my "Funds Pending Clearance"
why? somebody help me please…


Has the buyer rated you? if not, has the order been marked as complete by fiverr?


It takes 3 days to enter pending clearance unless they give you a review sooner than 3 days, in which case it would enter pending clearance as soon as they leave the review or within a few minutes.


yes… !
[Image Removed]


In 3 days from when it was delivered or when it was completed, it enters pending clearance.

Don’t worry, it will definitely enter pending clearance.


yes… the order already marked as complete by fiverr…!
[Image Removed]


Edited - I’ve flagged your image posts because they show the buyer’s details.

It will be marked as complete either when the buyer accepts it, or 3 days after your delivery.

It’ll go into pending for 14 days after that.


Don’t worry mate, it will show next day :smiley:
And yes, you need to cover the buyer’s name in your pics


Why does he need to cover buyers username? If they leave a review the buyer’s username will show up anyway.


Because it shows what the buyer purchased, and how much was paid.

It also shows the OP’s balance, which again is a bad idea.


OK, I agree he shouldn’t have posted the screenshots, but he pointed the buyer’s username, which you can see anyway on review page.


But you can’t see the amount that was paid on the review page. Buyer privacy etc. and they may not leave a review.


buyer already leave a review…


The earnings is shown on your pending clearance.
It is split into two amounts - $16+$8 because the order was $20+$10 tip.


OMG… i didn’t realize that…!!! so sorry…


No problem.
Surprised you didn’t also post about the problem of having earnings from 2 orders that you didn’t do :wink:




Yes but you are not allowed to publish buyers names here, check the rules
of the forum :slight_smile:


Rules are rules :wink: You should obey the fiverr ToS


Can you link to this rule, please?