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Earnings problem

Why does he need to cover buyers username? If they leave a review the buyer’s username will show up anyway.

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Because it shows what the buyer purchased, and how much was paid.

It also shows the OP’s balance, which again is a bad idea.


OK, I agree he shouldn’t have posted the screenshots, but he pointed the buyer’s username, which you can see anyway on review page.

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But you can’t see the amount that was paid on the review page. Buyer privacy etc. and they may not leave a review.

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buyer already leave a review…

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The earnings is shown on your pending clearance.
It is split into two amounts - $16+$8 because the order was $20+$10 tip.


OMG… i didn’t realize that…!!! so sorry…

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No problem.
Surprised you didn’t also post about the problem of having earnings from 2 orders that you didn’t do :wink:

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Yes but you are not allowed to publish buyers names here, check the rules
of the forum :slight_smile:


Rules are rules :wink: You should obey the fiverr ToS

Can you link to this rule, please?

It’s #4. Technically it’s for negative things, although generally I think people don’t want their info on public forums.


Thank you for that! The moderators should have taken action and either remove the screenshot or blur the buyers username.

When your complete then you have to wait 14 days to active your order paymnet.So no tension just wait 14 days $ will available on your account… and in the mean time you see the $ is pending on your dashboard.


I have an issue.last night buyer accept my deliver and gave me a tip too.but i looked at the earnings.its only showing earning from the tip as the picture i included.can you tell me why?
is it bug?

I would assume that he gave you 10$ tip? If so then it’s the transaction for 8$ that is shown above the one that you outlined

The tip is on a different line from the order. So it looks like a separate order on your earnings page. As mariashtelle1 said it is probably the $8 which is the $10 order on the line above. You can click on each of those lines to see which order it goes with.

no this is my earning.he gave me a 18$ total earning is 108$.but in the pending clearence its only shows earning of the tip

I just answered you on your other thread about this. Please go to that one and don’t keep making more about this.