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Earnings slipping through the cracks?


On my earnings page, net income should equal the sum of all other sections (withdrawn, purchases, pending clearance, available), should it not? There’s a discrepancy of three or four per cent with net income being higher. I checked that fees on purchases are accounted for (they are).

Anyone encountered this or have an explanation as to why money may have disappeared before I take this to CS?



I believe this is an on-going non-resolved bug that is known to the wider community.


I’m on the forum regularly and I don’t believe I’ve seen it come up before.


I’ve seen lots of posts in relation to “decreasing earnings”.


The “earned in” stats are fine; it doesn’t seem to be quite the same issue?


Alright, I apologise.

I’ve just seen so many post’s everyday in relation to the same issue i auto-assumed this was going to be the same thing.

I think you should contact CS if you feel there is a issue at hand.


He isn’t talking about the same thing @lloydsolutions


For me that page looks kind of screwy altogether. It might have always been that way, but I really don’t know. For example, where it says “Expected earnings” in tiny print, the number is much lower than my actual income that is still in pending clearance. It seems to have just grabbed the figure from one order instead of using the total of my completed orders.

I don’t know what’s up with the Earnings page but it doesn’t seem to calculate correctly in general. (The numbers in the columns you mentioned do not add up to my net income either, but I am not sure how they came up with the numbers.) If you get a reply from Support, it would be great to know what they say.


As far as I’m aware, “Expected Earnings” is your active orders which would explain why that’s lower than your pending clearance. Your pending clearance has built up over 2 weeks, whereas most of your active orders probably last only a few days before they’re completed and transferred to pending.

Writing up the CS ticket now.



My expected earnings are $24 according to the Earnings page.

I am due a three figure amount.


For me, it isn’t. It’s an amount from one completed order that is pending. I have an order in queue that has a different number. Whatever the case, there may be some errors on the page.


I’ve done the math for my Expected Earnings two or three times up to now and for me, it always turned out to be correct as the exact amount for:

revenue from active gigs + delivered gigs

(don’t forget to take the order amount -20%)

That also fits the definition of Active on the Analytics Page.
And that (on the By Order tab) correctly displays my number of not yet delivered and delivered but not yet completed orders.

So far so good, but when I switch to the “By Revenue” tab there and add the $ amounts for In Progress and Delivered, it’s less than the Expected Earnings. Not sure yet why that amount differs and where it comes from…

Regarding Net Income / Rest, I have a discrepancy of 20 cents. I think that I got 20 cents more than I withdrew one time for whatever reason, if I remember right, that was when they switched from $1/ PayPal withdrawal fee to no PayPal withdrawal fee, maybe some bot was confused.

I also always have to keep in mind that that the amount showing top right isn’t the amount I can actually withdraw, as it includes $5 as a balance which I got but can only buy with, not withdraw, so I’d see a $5 difference when adding up what I should have as withdrawable amount.

Curious to see if it’s a bug in your case or whether there is something unaccounted for, after all.


@miiila @fonthaunt After a bit of back and forth, I got an answer from CS.

Apparently the “Used for Purchases” tab doesn’t factor in fees ($2/5%). Checking my purchases, if you include those fees it all adds up.

The CS agent made it sound like the quick reference bar across the top isn’t really to be trusted and to guarantee everything is right you have to total up all your cleared revenue order by order.

I did put in a request that the fees are included in that total. We’ll see if anything comes from that.


That’s a good idea. That really does need to be corrected.