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Earnings so far!

Hi all,

Been on fiver since Dec. 2014. But I’ve not even hit the $500 target talk less of the $1,000. I really need customers to patronise me. Please, i’ll be glad to receive help from anyone willing to offer one.

Thanks, and congratulations to those who have attained the $1,000 target and beyond. Looking to get there soon.


Hi, and congratulations on what you have made so far! You joined in December and you’re still here; that means you have it in you to keep on and succeed! :slight_smile:

I joined about when you did, honestly, and I’ve made about $200…Not the best, but I am so proud of what I have done. I found it really helped to keep an open mind to all customer requests, work beyond what they expect, and keep my gigs updated.

And by updated I mean changing one hour of research to two hours of research, or my positive review gig to a verified review gig. More people have come in since then. I am going to update my pictures soon, too.

Good luck!