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🌍 🌍 🌍 🌍 What is your order cancellation rate? 🌍

:earth_americas:I have to cancel my order due to bad behavior of my buyer. He threatened me to do more work. After this cancellation my gigs are disappeared from first page of search results. :disappointed_relieved::tired_face: Now I’m really disappointed and I deleted my article writing gig due to bad behavior of buyer. I’d like to know your cancellation rate & discuss your experiences with mischief buyers.

  • 1 order cancelled/ last 60 days :grinning:
  • 2 orders cancelled/ last 60 days :slightly_smiling_face:
  • less than 5 orders/ last 60 days :no_mouth:
  • less than 10 orders/ last 60 days :frowning_face:
  • more than 10 orders/ last 60 days :sob:

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I prefer cancel an order than try to deliver a low quality service and maybe get a negative review. In a long term, keeping high ratings are better than accepting a job you cant properly do.

Also, when the price is not right, I cancel too.


You can negotiate it with your client & use resolution center to fix this matter. Cancellation is not the best option. There are too many other options rather than cancelling.

Oh my goodness. I had no idea that cancellations were such a huge problem on 5r.

I am unable to activate the “available now” feature because this month (60 days) I had 3 cancellations.

According to Fiverr, cancellations affect your business on Fiverr no matter the reason!

Try to keep cancellations to a bare minimum would be my advice!

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I think its less than 5 order cancellations?

I’m happy to report that 100% of my 8 cancellations were for “incomplete” orders where the buyer never submitted information (they sat around for weeks with no response from the buyer).

Unfortunately, these cancellations still count against sellers somehow :roll_eyes:


[quote=“gina_riley2, post:4, topic:181320, full:true”]
Oh my goodness. I had no idea that cancellations were such a huge problem on 5r. [/quote]
It affect our gig ranking

If this were anonymous I would answer.


I hardly ever cancel anything…most of my orders are made by regular clients and so there is no need to cancel. Only time I cancelled in recent months was when a buyer made a mistake when ordering.

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Nope - those are 2 separate requirements!

1 - You must have less than 5 active orders.
2 - You must have completed at least 5 orders to participate in the beta.
3 - Low cancellation rate - which can mean 1 order cancelled or 30 orders cancelled (it depends on how many orders you complete!)

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How to make this anonymous?

0 cancellations. If you would put ‘0’ in the poll more people would be able to participate and the result would be much less dramatic.

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They’ve always been most sellers’ nightmare :grimacing: Maybe with the exception of Fiverr’s first years.

A long time ago sellers had 2 types of cancellations (excluding Fiverr-initiated cancellations & chargebacks):

  • requesting a mutual cancellation that the buyer had to agree with and wouldn’t affect the seller at all
  • or doing a forced cancellation that the buyer couldn’t control, but would have affected the seller

Then all of a sudden forced cancellations were gone, and since then all cancellations affect sellers to some degree. Even those initiated by Fiverr at a seller’s or buyer’s request… :smirk:


No, that’s wrong @Woofy31. Now my gigs are not appeared in search results. My impression and everything is going down. :disappointed_relieved:

Did you read my whole post? Because what you quoted I said it was in the Past, a long time ago, when things were different.

So I am right because what I said was from the past :wink:

In the past (years and years ago) mutual cancellations had no effect, whereas forced cancellations (which don’t exist anymore) had an effect.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: LOL

I sometimes ask customer support to cancel an order if the buyer is not answering my questions and has disappeared. That is a forced one, if they do not respond to my request to cancel.

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Once after negotiation we have to cancel due to failure of negotiations.

True, but it’s forced by Fiverr Admin, and CS told me those have no impact as opposed to those old times when sellers had the option to force-cancel themselves via resolution center.