Earth is flat guys!


So I am working on a project, “earth is flat”.

This reminded me of this meme. lol


But the Earth is not flat. A global, axis-driven Earth is proven by science. Heck, astronauts have SEEN a global Earth with their own eyes.

If the Earth is not flat, how can any of us have any “experiences” with the concept. :thinking:


If they can fake the moon landing then I bet that can fake the earth being round as well. Wake up people, the government is lying to all of you.


It is possible to fire a laser from here on Earth that can bounce light off of a man-made object on the surface of the moon. If Humans have not landed on the moon, where did that landed man-made object come from (and how did we discover that it’s up there – on the the surface of the moon?). :thinking:



Come on Jon (if that is your real name), let’s be practical here.


I hope everything you said was sarcasm!


I meant to say if you did any projects for people who actually believe earth is flat :slight_smile: I can see how it might sound wrong. Edited it.


Yes. My name is Jon.


I don’t know anyone who believes the world is flat. Who, in their intelligent mind would believe this? The scientific proof is overwhelming – the Earth is, most definitely, round.


I just now created a huge video for someone who believes it. This is what he added on order page, “This is not a joke and I don’t want it treated like one so no pictures of the water falling off of the flat earth or anything like that. We believe in the azimuthal equidistant map design with the antarctic ice wall holding it all in. Seriously.”

“no pictures of the water falling off of the flat earth” > This is actually the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear flat earth theory.

This guy is damn serious. Having a big site, selling tees, posters and all.


Well, good for him, I guess. Physics has, however, proved him wrong.


Of course. No doubt in that. I shared this just for fun…was expecting a few funny memes.


if the earth is round how come you fly in a straight line in a plane to your destination. Its flat innit.


How come, when you are flying at a higher altitude, the horizon looks curved? :wink:


Aww man! I thought Fiverr is the place for some intelligent being who uses their creativity and knowledge to earn. But, In the end, conspiracy, ignorance, stupidity everywhere. In 2018, only one year before launching the 10 billion dollars James Webb Space Telescope, these people still arguing about the flat earth fact, and faking moon landing! The flat earth was a popular theory around 6th century BC, not today! :confounded:


I just checked this. Went for a spin. Can’t see any curvature from up here. Its probably too much of the free drinks or an optical illusion.

you can see its flat. Why do you think so many people are reported missing each year… they fall over the edge.


I agree and I’m tired of stupidity too.

There used to be a small religion in the U.S. that believed we all lived inside the earth, and the sky was actually the inside of it’s shell.

It’s one of the most refreshing feelings to talk to someone who is well educated and intelligent now.


you are watch a movie and create a idea


They DO know that the universe is flat, believe it or not, and that it is expanding from the big bang FASTER than the speed of light.


I’m pleased you agree that the earth is indeed flat and we do not live inside it.