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Easier access to Help & Support section

Hello. I haven’t been around here for long, so I rely a lot on looking in the forums and in the Help & Support section to learn more about Fiverr.

I’d like to suggest that the articles in the Help & Support section be made more accessible. It took a long time to find the section: it doesn’t seem to be available from my dashboard menus. I eventually stumbled upon it by looking through the myriad links in the menu at the bottom of the page. I actually find reading the articles in Help & Support more useful than ploughing through the forums when it comes to learning about Fiverr: the articles are better structured, and more concise.

It would be great if this part of the site were easier to find for newbies like me. You could link to it from the learning page, and maybe even rename it to something more engaging, like Fiverr Learning Zone.


Yeah, that’s right. Also, fiverr needs to develop their support timing. They took more than 10 days to solve an issue.

“Help & Support” is right there in the drop-down when you click your profile image. But maybe it would help people who don’t find it there if it was under one of the menu points on the left (as well), e.g. under “Community”, or “More”.

I also think that a different name would be better, although I guess this might stem from some prior reworking with the aim of having people look through the help section first, before creating support tickets for questions they could answer themselves if they read through the help section, so maybe they think that name is better suited to achieve this.

Maybe that could be solved by leaving things like they are for that purpose, but providing an additional link to the Help Section with some more engaging name like “Fiverr Learning Zone” (I like that name suggestion).


I believe it may help to put the links (ToS, Help&Support and Community Standards) here on Forum as well.

In top navigation bar.


I agree it’s not that well written/shown. It doesn’t display the link to contact support unless you click “view all topics”. I think it’s missed quite a bit from the old help pages like “gig image do’s and don’ts”/recommended image sizes (eg. one page says “and in the right dimensions” for images, but it doesn’t say what those are in the text). The searching of the new help pages also seems bad (doesn’t return what you searched for properly).


I don’t know why it’s in the profile drop-down menu and not obvious elsewhere. I think that wherever there’s a link to the forums then there should be a link to Help & Support, because for newbies at least, they are both just as useful.


I don’t remember anymore how exactly I found the Help Center when I joined but since it was accessible both from top menu bar and footer, it wasn’t really an issue, and I think I read through it before I bothered with the forum, but I also would say that quite a few people don’t find either of both, or only late, so maybe it could be reworked to be clearer.

Maybe, we can always hope that people will actually click and read before they post. That “Help & Support” link should be 2 links then, the one to support tickets (via Help Center if needed), and one with a name that might get people who wouldn’t click that link because they think it might open a support ticket right away or whatever, to simply inform themselves through the official FAQ/Help pages, like “Fiverr Learning Zone”, or … “Must read”, or “Fiverr How-To”, or “Secrets of Fiverr Success” :wink:

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I need some help. It’s been crazy trying to get support from Fiver. The seller has not delivered what he proposed I NEED HELP.

There´re Forum Users who may help you with some advices but you would need to create own topic and describe your story.

This one is created for Fiverr Site Suggestions.

Yes: that makes sense to me too.