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Easier way to get in touch with customer support? My card was charged but order still "unpaid"

I tried to pay for an order a user sent me. My credit card has an approved transaction for the specific amount but Fiverr system said that the transaction did not went through and the order is still unpaid.

I am trying to contact fiverr support but there seem to be no email support (which is bad). Tried to use the online ticketing system but I did not receive any confirmation that my query was submitted (again, bad) and in my “Help & Education Center” where I was redirected after submitting the ticket, there is nothing under Requests.

Poor user experience.

So how can I get in touch with Fiverr? I have been charged by them for nothing.

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I had a buyer who tried to buy an extra for her order report the same thing happened to her. I don’t know what to tell you about support as I’m not sure what’s happening there right now.

Your credit card company or Paypal will not make you pay for anything you didn’t get if you contact them.

I see. Really poor of fiverr to have this kind of recurring issues and not even offering support for them.
Thank you.

It was really sad to know that you had such a bad experience. Please re-submit your request on desktop (PC or Mac) using Google Chrome if possible or else you can use the Fiverr App or else you can try the mobile version of the website on your smartphone.

I hope a ticket will be generated and CS will definitely look into this for you. Also remember you email id that you used to create an account, cs replies are automatically sent to your registered email id.

Good Luck!!

To get in touch with Fiverr, open a ticket with Customer Support.

You really want to contact Fiverr before you contact your credit card company or PayPal because if you just have the order canceled by the payment provider, Fiverr will probably close your buyer account without knowing what happened. Once you get in touch with them, they can either reverse the transaction for you or let them know you’ll cancel through your payment provider so that they know why you are doing it. Most of the time when a glitch like this happens, the charge is automatically reversed within a day or two, but I would contact Support right away to be sure. :slight_smile: