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Easiest way to get your first order

Hi, I am writing this for newbies.

1- narrow down your school, don’t write that you are master in every skill. (find your niche)
2- think of an attractive headline to promote your service.
3- Start creating your first gig.
4- Select your main category, and write very best description about it.
5- don’t write an essay, write about your experience, your expertise level, and how soon you can deliver.
6- try to bid on buyers requests.

if any one have any problem to understand, I can provide slides ( I am teaching in an academy although I have only 8 ratings right now, there’s secret about it).




Buyers requests are a powerful tool, but new sellers often don’t know about them. :slight_smile:
Nice tips!

thank you, nice tips

well, i found this interesting and good market strategy and we all have to remember that without advert, there is little or no market. That is a good one but what we find at times boring is the time we can use to create an account on different social media. Its at times stressful in the area of verification and all that. Well i love this any and i wouldn’t mind talking about my gigs here too…:)guys check out my gig too

Great tips

Thanks alot

Yes that is very helpful to seller…

Thank You

good advice, i am still trying to break my first sell here.

Gig Title, Description, Image & reviews are main attraction of new buyers

I will be uploading a new document may be within next 48 hours, please follow my activities. thanks for appreciation.


very nice. keep it up.

Nice tips!

That 20% you give Fiverr advertises you, in a mild way. Spamming social media with your cheap gig often backfires, but because there’s no direct and obvious consequences (your sales don’t go up–but neither do they drastically reduce, an even so, a drastic reduction would indicate that Fiverr’s algos have put you in a dungeon), everyone loves this tip.

Social media marketing is HARD WORK, and you’re probably crap at it. That’s not being offensive: it’s being honest.

Wow! What sets you document apart from the millions also being published at the same time?

Nothing? No appreciation for you!

I got my first order even easier than this. I waited. Didn’t have to do a thing! It was so easy! These tips require work, and we don’t want any of that when we just want money, do we?

Seriously, do you guys need a road map for how to set up a profile or something, because that’s what this tip list basically shows you. How is this helpful? If I were a buyer, I wouldn’t hire anyone saying this was brilliant because I’m seeing people who can’t even do basic things like set-up a profile without guidance, never mind do some actual creative and professional work that meets my expectations.

If you need a slideshow to understand how to do all this, God help you. Yet another pointless post with nothing interesting o new to add but self-promotion.

Right to speak; surely you shared your points, and you are top seller. Ask the people who are just getting started, and have been wondering how to get first project.
It was self promotion, no doubt about that. But at the same time, it was help guide for newbies. :slight_smile: God Bless you. and thanks for your words. :slight_smile:

thank you :slight_smile: have a good day. happy to see your views.

Yes, I am a top seller, but I also started with nothing. My point was that your tips don’t actually have any value aside from promoting yourself. You just have to wait. If you want to be pro-active, then hit up Buyer Requests.

If someone needs a guide that tells them to make a profile, they’re not going to make much money, if any here.