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Easy way to get rank new gig first page and get a good sales

  1. Get ready for analyses those gigs that are new but get rank on the top page. Don’t select those gigs that are already huge sales and old.

  2. Find a keyword that has good sales like this keyword “Background removal”. You noticed all of the top gigs a good number of orders.
    Don’t find any keyword that has poor sales like “background replacement”.

  3. Find out there keyword and filter the best common 5 keywords that you want to use your gig.

  4. You would select a suitable meaning full sentence that’s are included 2-3 keyword.

  5. Last month I open my new gig that already gets rank 2-3 keyword top page.


@cutoutsaiful Good sharing :+1:

What about those sellers who are already at the bottom of the “Background removal” list because it has 21000+ services. They might be they will not be listed on the top that service. Maybe that’s the reason sellers are using different keywords (which are technically weak keywords) to putting their gigs on the top of the list.


I think so that why we need to find less than low competition keyword like “Product background removal”. You know that’s why we need to know how to work SEO.


That’s True!
I think Fiverr needs to reshuffle those gigs which are in the bottom in search, at least they will get the chance to obtain the orders because always staying in the bottom, it will make them hopeless. Its been one month since I did not receive any order. And I am improving my keywords according to my skills and knowledge.

Undoubtedly, SEO has a significant role in any algorithm not even in Fiverr, we have seen the majority of search engines preferring SEO.


@cutoutsaiful thank you for your tips.:bouquet:


Thanks for share your tips!

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