Eating a doughnut right now AKA procrastinating


So, how do you guys motivate yourself when good old Mr.Procrastination won’t leave you alone? I know I can kick him in the groin or throw him out the window but I can’t. Well, I don’t want to, he can hang around juuuuust a bit longer…I think…

*sips coffee *


Konnichiwa Zeus-san! haha.

When Procast-kun comes, I will take a break for 15 minutes while drinks my favorite coffee. After that, I am doing something I like which make me happy. Then, Procast-kun is gone~

*sipping coffee, too while playing with my Wacom *


Speaking of which, check out my new gig:


I moved downstairs to the kitchen from my room following the logic that 'if I’m closer to the food I won’t take breaks every 40 minutes to get food and stay downstairs accidentally, but it doesn’t seem to be working, just raided the fridge :smiley: On a more serious note, I cancel wifi on my laptop and try to focus. That actually seems to work for me. (after five mugs of tea and enough prosciutto (or however you write it) to feed the village :smiley:


I had to change my wifi box the other day and while I was waiting for it to be installed, I got SO much work done! Now I am thinking I need to make it a thing… Haha and ya, my office has it’s own door to the kitchen. I literally roll myself in there with my chair… It’s bad.


I laughed when I read that. lol


Unfortunately, Fiverr re-compressed the image. It looks more convincing on my screen.

I wonder if a gig like this would be allowed :smiley:


IF allowed, I am sure no one will buy it. They will copy what you offer! lol. They will make a same gig with you. haha :smiley:


It does exist. I found a seller who has that gig already in play, I don’t know if I am allowed to put the link. But I just typed in Procrastination in the search engine and sure enough “I will procrastinate for you”… Haha


Really? Wow… Is there anyone who buy that gig? haha.
Gonna check it out, too.


I came back to this post because I realized I procrastinate the MOST on the forums. Haha just searching, chatting, liking, being called Sir, and then searching again. It’s a vicious cycle.


After reading the title. This image popped up! :doughnut:


Yesterday it was a doughnut.

Right now I’m eating a chifon cake.
I’m getting things done. Well, sort of. Slowly. But surely.
I need to draw an octopus dancing and a rapper goat. And oh, I also need to translate a file.
I…I can do this. I can.

*sips coffee again *


We must be close to the same time zone, because I am sipping my coffee avoiding the vast amount of work I have to do. But I also want to go on a hike… Haha


I finished drawing the octopus…now I need to draw the goat…maybe later…

*sips wine *


Personally, and sadly serious, I go and do something else completely unrelated and tick something off my todo list. It might even be as mundane as emptying and reloading the dishwasher. Once I feel like I achieved something, I get more motivated and go back to work.


I’m a writer. Some days I love it, and some days I loathe the notion of even thinking about creating copy. I’d rather play video games and binge something, anything, on Netflix. And some days I do, and I don’t think twice about it. As far as those fleeting moments of “should I or shouldn’t I” that rear up throughout the day, I usually try to work through them and tempt myself with something rewarding when I’m done. If that doesn’t work, I press on until I’m just mentally done and absolutely have to go do something else. The mood usually passes.


I cleaned my room while listening to music, that helped a bit.
I just need to maintain the motivation until I finish drawing the goat…now that’s gonna be hard!

*sips diet Pepsi *



I’m attempting to upcycle an old vintage desk today. I reached for the sander…Then the phone rings, and I get completely sidetracked working on other household DIY projects. :weary: