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Eating your own dogfood

I just got a message from customer service, and at the top it says:

Customer Support is available 24/7
Current First Response Time is 12-18 hours

I wonder what it would be like if their back-end worked much like the front end of Fiverr. If they were held to response times, ratings, unhappy buyer/sellers dealing with customer support, etc. — how quickly would the 90%s be changed to another metric, or the 4.8-star rating change to a lower metric. I wonder what the equivalent of a cancellation would be? Perhaps make it so they’re not so quick to cancel our orders as well?

While it makes sense for an initial promotion to Level 1 to have a high bar to weed out people who can’t even meet those standards, maintaining them is another ball of wax. To hold the marketplace to different standards than you hold yourself to — the 5-minute response window for Available Now and 24 hour response window for other messages — versus their response time average of 12-18 hours…if they aren’t penalized for longer response times, that’s not eating your own dog food.

What is this concept in business? Well, for example, it means that Moodle the open source program for online courses (i.e. courseware package) is run on the Moodle platform. It means that Quickbooks should use Quickbooks for their corporate accounting system. It means that Microsoft should use Windows Server (not Linux). If you don’t use your own product in-house, how do you really know what it feels like to use your product?

To take this to the extreme, I think our customer support people should be displayed like gigs and we could shop for good customer support representatives in a marketplace according to their levels & ratings. At the very least, they should have Fiverr gigs on the side of their own to make money in their spare time, to learn what it’s like in the real world when you’re both a Fiverr seller and have a job. And of course have no additional perks for also working at Fiverr (i.e. still pay 20% on both gig price & tips, be rated and evaluated along with everyone else in the marketplace, and be knocked down for poor response time or cancelled gigs just like everyone else).

I wonder how many Fiverr employees — and most especially policymakers — know what it’s like to be on the other end of the platform.


Hello, is there a reason you are saying this? Do you feel the response time from CS is too long?
Have you had CS cancel your orders? I’ve never had them do this.

For a very short while a long time ago, we had an instant popup chat window at CS that worked very well and got an immediate response. It may have only been for TRS but I was sorry when that was abandoned. I’m happy with CS and find them to be very friendly and helpful.


To make it fair, they should have the same advantage as we do. Like we pay $10 per CS contact, and give them the same right to cancel the order if they don’t feel like dealing with it or extend delivery as we have on this side. :grinning: I have always found them to be great.


It’s the ranting pot. I’m wondering whether they have first-hand experience with the situation they’re creating, the software they’re using, the evaluations they’re giving — or if they sit in their cubicles with their own separate service metrics that are completely alien to our systems here.

I think it’s a fair question. Example: the Udemy folk actually say that they’ve been encouraged to make courses on Udemy by Udemy staff/superiors. How do you know what it feels like on the other end of the platform if you just play with it in quality control/testing with fake scenarios, but never actually really used it with real customers out in the wild?

I’m an Interfaith minister — and another thing that occurs to me is that Fiverr (an Israeli company) has a 24-hour response metric, but if someone is Jewish, orthodox enough that they strictly keep the Sabbath, they have a 24-hour period (sundown Friday to sundown Saturday) in which they can’t use electronic devices. So they almost can’t answer queries that come in within that period and will simply have to accept being penalized within the current system if requests or inquiries come in at the wrong time. That’s aside from other holy observances. I guess they could go on vacation every week?

But I’ve noticed that that’s a very very quiet period from Customer Support. Not a peep. You don’t see new Buyers Requests being filtered through until after. I imagine the offices are closed and that makes sense. Holding them to the same standards could be awkward…individuals without religious constraints would do better than others.

Maybe that’s why my orders come to a halt during those times. They might limit orders due to a reduced staff. It’s just a wild guess, I have no idea but it’s dead for me on weekends. Of course the staff is not all Jewish.

Didn’t say they are. I just said it’s an Israeli company. Israeli does not equal Jewish. However, that does set up an interesting potential for religious discrimination.

On this point: Sometimes it’s dead for me on weekends because of the types of gigs I’m doing. Fiverr has a good sized buyer cohort who are solopreneurs. At least when I mention Fiverr or hear it mentioned it’s often my fellow local business buddies who mention it and have used it.

However, book orders often come in on “off-hours” i.e. people finish their book, talk about their book, etc. in their “spare time” because they’re wage earners otherwise and can’t really be talking about their book while at work. Some folk who do books are entrepreneurs, chefs, etc. and chefs are BUSY as heck on weekends, so forget it. Won’t hear from them until Monday when it’s quiet again. Maybe a furtive answer between shifts. Entrepreneurs are 24/7 folk — orders come in all the time and I get answers all day and night when I respond to queries.

I’m not sure who most of your buyers are. Maybe Fiverr runs more ads on weekdays than weekends? i.e. drives more “random” traffic to Fiverr on weekdays?

I 100% guarantee you that the staff is held to much more strict criteria than we are. They have to deal with potentially millions of complaints a day in all sectors of the website. They don’t get to increase their prices when they are getting too busy.

If they don’t meet a threshold, they aren’t demoted, they’re fired. That firing will look bad on their resume for their entire life. For many, that can be years of hard work with nothing to show for it.

That’s like claiming “Well, if doctors had to sit in the waiting room for an hour, they’d work faster”

You don’t like other people telling you how you should run your work, right? Don’t act as if any of this is easy for the staff. I 100% Guarantee! That they are not just sitting on their butts and reaping high benefits while watching sellers struggle