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Do you want to create an audiobook? In 2016 audiobook sales increased by 20%. In the last several years they have increased over 120%. Ebooks are a valuable investment and they might be especially appealing to individuals who want to publish stories that range from 10,000 words or less. provides a professional narrator who records in a studio.

Ebooks are, of course, a big field. Many people are confused about where to publish their book? A lot of authors and professionals say that indie authors do especially well with Apple. They do not have restraints on earnings like Amazon does.

Is Amazon good? It can be very effective. This is especially true if you do not have a platform, website, and are new in the literary world.

HOW DO I MARKET? A lot of people higher marketers and invest money in Facebook. This can be fruitful but in my experience, it is usually not the best way to advertise. In truth- it depends on the contents of the manuscript. However, there are hundreds of websites offering exclusive deals to promote your ebook. Many of them list tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people your ebook or audiobook will be advertised to. How do you know the platform is being honest? You do not. This is why you must contact a professional ebook or audiobook marketer to guide you. There are platforms that will work for you. Something that is not heavily considered- and it often should be- MailChimp. Understand that Facebook is not the only platform, and it is often not the best platform. There are other ways to market your work. For instance, Youtube. Youtube happens to be the second largest search engine. Do not limit yourself!

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