Edit and change my gig totally


Hello guys, I have some gig I want to delete them whitout losing the reviews, so I’m just ask if I can go to my gig and click on edit, and change my gig totally without deleting and add another…
any idea.
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Is it against tos of fiverr?


@brahim165 and @stebulu You won’t loose reviews even if you delete the gig. The reviews are there to stay. You can delete or modify your gig but the reviews won’t vanish.


The reviews on the actual gig will be removed when deleting your gig.

It will still show up on your account though.


You can always edit or change your gig slightly but it can’t be a major change since you earned those reviews through that particular gig.
For example you can’t turn a previous translation gig into a video testimonial gig.


Thanks all for your responses, I really appreciate it.