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Edit Bug eliminates Gig Description! [SOLVED: Try deleting any emoji you have in your description!]

I’ve just tried to edit a Gig.

I’ve tried several times to save it, via all the different “Save” buttons with the same result:
My description is gone.
There’s the gig image, below that the Basic/Standard/Premium Gig comparison, then right away the FAQ. No description. :confused:

Before that, I wanted to add a custom extra, every try to save it led to a warning popup about illegal characters in the gig extra title. There was no “illegal” character, just two normal words, no numbers, no punctuation, no nothing but normal English letters, well within the character limit too.

UPDATE: Okay, I found the reason. There was an emoji in the gig description. After deleting that emoji, the description got saved and displayed again. However - it’d be nice if it would have told me there’s an “illegal character” in my gig description where it was and not in my gig extra title where none were.

Now to see if I can save the gig extra where it did talk about illegal characters …

Please can you tech people put those warnings where they belong? That would be helpful! :slight_smile:


:flushed: :anguished:

Did you try using “Preview & Save” feature instead of just “Save”?

No, as I wrote, I tried all available buttons, several times. But see my update above …

I did use emojis in gig descriptions before, it used to be no problem. This seems to be new. I wonder if I still have some in gigs I haven’t deleted earlier, guess I better check all gigs, not that some don’t have a description anymore now …

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