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I have recently worked with this buyer and he thought that I scammed him because all of the images had Fiverr watermark so he gave me a negative review and said this after giving the review he had messaged me and I was able to let him know why was the watermark used and how he can download them without the watermarks and he was also really happy with the final product but now is there any way to modify this he also wants to modify the review now?

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Oh my god, new buyers… It’s really sad, and I’m not sure that seller support can do something about it.

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Oh this is sad! Unfortunately, it is not possible to edit a review, but you can try to ask the buyer to contact the Resolution Center and explain what happened. It also happened to me, buy fortunately the buyer messaged me right away asking why there were watermarks. Why aren’t they automatically removed once the buyer accepts the delivery?

Normally watermark disapears instantly when buyer downloads final result, weird.

very unfortunate.
Contact buyer and tell him to contact fiverr support for assistance.
Hope for the best.

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Yes, that’s what I knew too. But I had also received a message from a buyer few days ago telling me she couldn’t use my designs because of Fiverr’s watermarks. I told her to try to download the files again, because they should disappear once the delivery is accepted, but she encountered the same problem, so I sent them the files again in the inbox. :woman_shrugging:

Waw… Now I’m gonna pay attention to this bug, if it happens to new buyers, they won’t understand anything and will give negative review, so something to predict.

Forget about it.

It’s just one bad review.

We all get them.

Well, in seeing this topic, just to avoid any confusion, I prevented about the watermark thing in all of my gigs in requierements now :stuck_out_tongue:

This is really a big misfortune,Feeling bad for you
As far as I know Once the buyer review It cannot be changed.

Maybe you could post a reply to the review and explain the situation and that it was solved, so the futur Buyers could see it wasn’t your fault. It won’t get rid of the bad review, but it will help.