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Edit chat messages

Best Fiverr staff/users.

I was wondering if there are any requests of being able to edit your chat messages.
Sometimes you can make a typo or something like that.
When you are talking to someone, who might chose your gig, you want to make a good first impression.
Being able to correct a typo might be very useful.

Kind regards,
Tim Mulder

Of course. Just delete the typo and retype it.

Hi Miss Crystal, I have also wondered about this. Let’s say I send a message in a conversation, and send. But, then maybe I notice there was a typo in it. I do not see a way to delete the message. I must be missing something. Can you please help to point me to this way to delete a message? Thanks so much

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Great suggestion. I have always thought of this. I hope Fiverr would soonest provide such features for editing or deleting typos sent out to clients.

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Oh I see! There should be a way but I’m not aware of any.

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I have the same struggle. That’s the reason why I suggested this.

I would not want the ability to edit messages. Making a typo sucks, especially when you’re offering writing services like I do, but I’ve learned to check my messages before sending them (most times). Messages are a great record of what was discussed and agreed upon. If people could go back and change what is displayed, it would make things harder when going back to check something, or in the case of a dispute where someone says the agreement was not met.


I totally understand. When you’re messaging a client, you shouldn’t make typos to show you are working nicely.

Exactly, the chat is a written record of a conversation regarding the job. It’s really useful when your buyer tries to change the game on your after the order has been made, or worse, delivered.

Just make sure to read your messages before sending them. It just takes another few seconds and can save you problems with “typos”.


There currently isn’t a way to do this but we do hope to see this in future updates.

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They can’t allow us to change what we say in chat. That would lead to things like people exchanging personal information, threatening or other things that are not allowed and being able to later erase them.


I don’t think you would want to see such a feature come into play. Imagine this scenario, a buyer wants you to write a 500 word article for $30. Everything is agreed upon, the order is placed, and the wheels are in motion. You finish the 500 word article and deliver it thinking everything is fine. Little did you know the buyer went back into the conversation and changed 500 word article to 800 word article.

That wouldn’t be fun to deal with at all.


Great response from all contributors. I’ve just learnt that introduction of such features would be of a great disadvantage to sellers in a long run. Great contribution so far. Thanks all.



That’s the reason send messages will not be able to be edited, ever. That feature will permit abuses. Simply read everything before you hit send to make sure you don’t have any mistakes in it, is not that hard. :slight_smile:

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So did I. I didn’t think of the disadvantages the sellers could have, if Fiverr allowed people to edit their messages.


I don’t think Fiverr will implement this option.
Exhibit A:
Buyer asks for a logo.
You make them a logo
3 days later, Buyer edits message saying he wanted a banner.
You tell them they wanted a logo initially.
Buyer plays games with you, reports you to Fiverr Support.

Editing messages is an easy way for manipulation to happen. It would be our worst nightmare.

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Yes, you are right. I had not thought it out past just wanting to correct a typo :slight_smile:

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