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Edit: Fiver Droppoing Reviews Gigs - I am not leaving now [ARCHIVED]



My gig “Reviews on iTunes APP” just denied by the fiverr mods. On contacting they told me that they do not longer support reviews. All the gigs related to android/itunes/amzon etc gigs are going to be reject. Better to alter it now before going in loss. I just lost my “70 thumbs up” and can’t even alter to make it different one to save my thumbs up.

Had earned $850 with that gig. No jobless. I think I am gonna leave fiverr now. As I don’t have any more “powerful” gig for some handsome income.

It was nice meeting you all




Yes thanks


no one to say good-bye?


Naww! Don’t leave Fiverr like that.

I am sure you will find out something else to do.

Also there are less people online nowadays so don’t worry, people are still there and they will say good-bye.

Find something else you can give the people


Are you sure that is correct? I would expect more than just one person from support telling you they are going to mass delete all review type gigs as that is what you are implying. I would verify that this is correct with support and it is not just related to the wording of your specific gig or any explicit promises made in the gig that could have a negative impact on third party sites. For example if someone put a badly coded and useless app on itunes and then went on fiverr and bought reviews promising positive reviews on the iTunes store that is probably going to cause issues.


@markp According to fiverr,

"Your gig may violate the terms of a third-party service or websiteeply to @markp: According to fiverr


According to Jay (A member of support team)

"Reviews are no longer allowed on our site"

May be this is specifically for itunes/android or Amazon may also or any such kind which mean to be fake.Such type of review gigs as you stated that may have a negative impact.


Reply to @princemaxx: @madmoo hmm! Yes I am trying. I hope I will find out something unique and worthy to offer. Anyways thanks!


In other words, if you merely change you GIG to provide an HONEST review, you’re back in business.


Reply to @anarchofighter: But that can only be 1 review instead 11. As fiverr will not allow me to gove 11 honest reviews.


I have had gigs rejected by the mods. You just make a new one that IS accepted by them and there are tons out there.

I think selling reviews on Fiverr may be rejected by mods since they are not real authentic and honest reviews.



Reply to @hotwebideas: Yes, right. I am learning some new things and I’ll start selling it in short time


I have a hard time with fake reviews for any website as I take take to do actual reviews of products as such… sounds like the powers that be have a problem with fake reviews also


Reply to @tn5rr2012: I just added now to give authentic reivews and not including any third party title/name. Hope it will not rejected again


Fiverr has to protect not only themselves but also US. If a third party site’s TOS would be broken and Fiverr condoned it, Fiverr could be legally responsible. Can’t fault Fiverr for that!!

Glad to see you stayed and found something to do.