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Edit gig title it possible?

Hi there, Now I’m create a new gig. I want to change my gig title

Please, Anyone, Suggest me Can I change it?

Thank you


Yes you can, but the URL will stay as it was.


It’s simpler than it seems.
1)Just click on selling
2)Go onto your active gigs
3)Press the down arrow symbol and click edit
4)And finally change the title and press save

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Thanks for reply me.

Can I change Seo Title?

Thanks again

I believe you can’t as it is also impossible to change your URL.
The only way I can think of is to make a new gig.

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Yes, I think it’s possible. I have done that a couple of times.

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Did you mean that you changed your gig title?


yes you can. bur problem is gig rank… i think you lose your gig rank

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Yeah, I have changed my Gig title as well as the SEO title a couple of times. Note that we can’t change a Gig url once it is published.