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Edit gigs without effecting impressions

If a seller wants to edit his/her gig after publishing it for a while then how much/which sectors he/she can edit that will not affect his/her gig’s impression ?

  1. Title
  2. Search tags
  3. Image
  4. Pricing

Don’t existing description


OMG I don’t know why I edit my gig everyday!

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@saniax why do you edit your gig everyday ? doesn’t it hamper your impression ?

It’s depend how you edit your gig. Sometimes gig edit help to get rank. Sometime it decrease rank. So if your edit is good then before, i think it will help


But I don’t think you need to do it daily. If you are not getting a new project for the last 30 days then you can try it by editing your gig doing SEO. :slight_smile:

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Yes you are right. Don’t need to do it daily

@sandipank that means 30 days should be the benchmark before editing a gig ?

Yes, I do following this way for the last couple of years.

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Thank you @sandipank for sharing this valuable information.

You are most welcome.

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I was editing for the last week constantly. just to make sure everything is good, now I am not touching it for sure!

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