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Edit: My new Gig! Need your Review. Updated (4/1/2013)


I just added a new gig. Need your review about it. Please check and tell how can I make it more better


Edit: As by the advice of @cnolasco I added some more gigs. Please review and share your ideas.




madmoo said: the only thing I'd query is your spelling of 'sheik/ sheikh / shaikh'. I don't know what's correc

Actually Sheikh and Shaikh are different. (different castes). Shaikh are those who live in UAE. They are very rich people. They have wells of oil. The gig is about I'll act like them holding the message.

Shaikh Abdullah (King of Saudia Arabia)


pleasure :slight_smile:


Dude it looks good. Here is that I would do, since per your profile you live in Pakistan, take advantage of the scenarios there. I know tourists who pay thousands of usd/euros just to be there 1 week.

Maybe, you can go and look for a nice location, a nice market, a monument, dude you folks have 5000 years of history it has to be something there…

Make a video, 30 seconds to 1 min…

Where I live the natives built a lot of stuff some stuff that modern science can not tell(here it comes the aliens conspiracy), but is too far from capital city , maybe create a gig that gives you time to go there and make a nice video.


Reply to @cnolasco: Wow! nice idea. I’ll definitely consider this.

Thanks for your superb advice.


Reply to @cnolasco: I just added. please review them



It looks really really nice.

One more thing make sure the add is quite big to read the message, other than that be ready for lots of orders.


Reply to @cnolasco: sure. I’ll go in morning there to record sample videos. :slight_smile:


Good Luck with your gig(s) they are very interesting and I also learned a little bit about your culture from this post, thanks!


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Thanks! :slight_smile:


Reply to @sheikhsabayyal: So how are the new gigs doing?


Good luck on your gigs


Reply to @cnolasco: pretty good. I got orders in starting. Then i went to holidays. just came back