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Hi Everyone, there are times that I make a spelling mistake in my messages or I just want to erase it, because I want to type something else and Fiverr doesn’t have that option at all, so it would be nice, if they had it in the gig box where we are communicating with the customer and it would be a nice option, unless they have it and I don’t see it at all ? lol Who else things that same thing ?

But… but we already have backspace key. Combine that with rereading and problem should be solved. :-bd

Reply to @kay2809: I know but sometimes I am rushing and tired and not taking the time to read my message, so I guess I need to do that before I hit send, I am just so used to having that on FB, that its become a habit, lol thank you anway shalom

now is there anyway that i can CANCEL this post, as I just realized that I asked about this last NIGHT and didn’t think that i did and so how do I cancel this ? There should be a DELETE button here too ? lol

Reply to @warriorbride: Oh Alright. We can expect this change to happen when Fiverr developers are dying of boredom. Should be done soon :slight_smile: