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Edit/Organize Live Portfolio for Sellers!

Fiverr, please give sellers the ability to organize our live portfolio! Buyers can decide whether to include their images in sellers’ portfolio. Why can’t sellers have the power to edit/organize their portoflio after delivery has been made!

I can’t speak for everybody, but as a graphic sellers Live Portfolio is a really important tool to showcase my skills. However, using this tool correctly does require some trial and error. As a level 1 seller, yes, I do have good images to display from previous orders. But at the same time, I also wish I could take down some unsuitable or lack of content images, which I now know how to avoid through using other delivery sources, from my current portfolio collection.

If sellers can have the ability to organize the portfolio afterwards, we wouldn’t need alternative delivering methods to “manipulate” the portfolio display system. So, will we be able to edit our live portfolio soon?

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