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Edit/remove bad feedback that sellers ask you to do!

If the seller ask you to Edit or remove your bad feedback don´t do it! Like i said in my latest topic that sellers here are here for “5 Stars and Good Feedback”

if you rate 4 star and a good feedback the seller want you to edit it to a 5 stars. No matter you rate under 5 stars the always wants you to edit it, and if you rate really a bad = 1 star and bad feedback they want you to remove it immediately , they will do anyting for you for you to remove it.

So don´t do it. STAND UP for your Rating and Feedback this is to buyers and sellers!!!


Hey, the relationship is between the buyer and the seller, not between the buyer and the community. Some buyers are pain in the butt, some write “Great, I love your work” and give you 3 stars or 4.5 stars because they’re not paying attention. Sometimes people have unrealistic expectations.


A buyer has there right to choose that they rate 3 stars and write “Great, I love your work” and when the seller wants you to edit your rating that its seems that you are getting force to do it!

We’re not forcing anyone to do anything, in fact, harassing people can get you banned from Fiverr. Personally, when a seller gives me a bad review, I simply reply the review and give him a bad review. I also defend my work so buyers can see how crazy that buyer was.

The truth is some buyers hate Fiverr, hate sellers, and are never happy. So instead of demanding a refund, they take revenge by writing a nasty review. Some buyers have even threatened me with a bad review if I don’t do a revision. Buyers like that are refunded immediately, and if they reject the refund, then I let customer service know about it.

so why do sellers ask you to edit your rating from example 4 stars --> 5 stars rating? or demand you to remove your bad feedback?

Because rating system on Fiverr is flawed, and anything under 5 stars is seen as failure by many. Sellers fear that they won’t get sales if their rating isn’t perfect, and that their business here will be ruined.

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Because sellers fear their reputation being ruined by one bad buyer. In fact, there was a time that refunding a reviewed order would remove the review, but that’s not the case anymore. So a seller might tell a buyer, “if you remove that negative review, I’ll refund your order,” and sometimes the buyer agrees.

Personally, I don’t bother with that anymore. Some buyers rarely check their e-mails, then they ask questions about how to do it, it’s very annoying. It’s so much easier just to review your buyer. Besides, most of my buyers love me, it’s only a few ruffians that give me grief.

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The old thumbs up/thumbs down system was better, but alas, it was changed. Ironically, some of my competitors get plenty of orders instead of being 93%-95%. I’m 97%.

Ironically, what can really hurt your rating is being late and having your order forced cancelled. I’m proud to say that has never happened to me.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

One thing that is important to remember is that Fiverr support specifically recommends that sellers try to work with the buyer if a review might be a misunderstanding or otherwise correctable. I’m not saying that a buyer should change if a seller doesn’t deliver or delivers other than described and I’ve posted to that effect before. I’m saying that sometimes reviews are due to other things.

When a seller contacts Customer Support for help when a buyer and a seller are having a problem, the first thing CS will say is to try to work it out with the buyer. One of the things that often means is offering a corrected piece of work for a corrected review. Another thing it can mean is just saying that it isn’t working out and maybe the best thing for everyone is a refund to the buyer in return for a review being removed. I don’t see a thing wrong with that.

People don’t always see eye to eye in the best of circumstances, much less when dealing with language and cultural barriers. I would encourage sellers to continue to work with their buyers on a resolution, not by force or abusive language, but just with calm discussion. I would encourage buyers to be reasonable and take all things into consideration. If a seller is new or misunderstands you, maybe sometimes it is best to take the high road. If the seller is forceful, abusive, or won’t deliver as promised, then feel free to leave the review you feel fits the situation. One solution doesn’t apply to every situation.

The strangest thing ever is when you are trying to contact the seller after the seller miss the delivery time and seller doesn’t contact you back so you cancel the order then they see the bad feedback and directly contact you! What do you say about that?

Then even as a seller, I say don’t change your feedback and if they cause any problem contact CS.

But be sure to click the request modification button ,or seller wouldn’t be noticed about your question regarding the delivered order. Maybe send them a message too, make sure they got your question and ignore you, before doing anything that can harm their business.

I dont think the op knows much about fiverr. You can try out selling to learn more. You get in contact with a lot of people on fiverr with different personalites. What someone considers perfect, another may see as thrash. It’s just the way things go. Though, there are some bad sellers out there. I believe many sellers still do their best to satisfy their customers and those bad reviews are ruining their business.

Indeed. I occasionally get $5 buyers (on one of my gig, this gets you 10 words) and the disappointment is palpable. “Why,” they exclaim with the mighty feebleness of someone who doesn’t read gig descriptions, “this doesn’t blow me out of the water. You should have explained this before!”

“Oh, but I did. Here’s a revision that took me 2 seconds. It’s only 10 words for $5, genius. You want the article you were hoping for, pony up the extra bucks or leave a bad review that I’ll just get Customer Support to remove because you’re wrong.”

(Note: do not actually say this. Just let them insult you. More wood for the funeral pyre they’re building, so to speak.)

EDIT: in case anyone’s wondering why I have a miserly 10 word limit on that gig, it’s because I reduced it from I think 400, to 300, then 100. 100 got too many ANGRY reviews about short articles, so I reduced it to 50. That got plenty of compound orders because the next price point was too high (and even when I adjusted, I still got compound orders that paid me more than the gig extra! [lulz]). I could have left it there, but 10 words prevents all those issues and leaves me with the terminally hard-of-reading, who don’t even have a peg-leg to stand on). And buyers who aren’t ‘blown out of the water’ and feel compelled to mention it aren’t really insulting me–they’re just guaranteeing that icy professionalism is in place of what could have been a mutual attempt to improve whatever the copy was. Who really loses here, hm?

As a seller, it can be confusing when the buyer says they love your product/service then only give you three or four stars. I think that the star rating is very important when buyers are looking to purchase a gig. I have never personally asked a buyer to change their rating, but if a buyer was to give me a poor rating, I would like them to contact me first so that a can try to rectify the situation.

I think some of the sellers got offended by the post, because some of us try to work it out with the buyer if they are not happy with the work. If we fix the issue, we appreciate the bad remarks being removed. I get what you are saying about reviews, they can cost us future work when we are competing with others for the same type of gigs. One bad review can cost us a lot of business so there is a reason that we are so aggressive at trying to fix the issue with that one buyer to get that review removed.

That one was a surprise to me. I had a buyer that never reviewed my work but kept ordering more, until they wanted me to deliver more and more on an unrealistic timeline (adding work to the job after order for free). I kept allowing them to do this until I did not anymore. They left a bad review. I refunded their money and the review was left up. I don’t think it should be that way at all. I think if we refund someone because of a disagreement, the review they left should be removed. I am starting to get like you though, just doing a good job and if someone leaves a bad review, not stressing over it and just moving forward to the next person that will leave a good one.

Indeed and there is why this post is actually a good point.
As a buyer I have had some really cool people do more then I expected.
However the flip side is I have in the past and quite recently got some people and these are normally TRS that totally ruin the fiverr experience sheerly through forgetting basics or setting up impossible hurdles.
More over as a buyer Im offended by some of the seller opinions that its perfectly okay to require stellar reviews every time they do some work regardless of the quality or speed it was produced.

like i offer people 2 logo’s in my basic gig but if someone wants me to do more than what i offer or what i had clearly stated then what do i do

if i will refuse to work more on it then he will simply left a negative review and my ID will be ruined(especially for new sellers) and if i refused to work and i cancel the order then who will pay for my time that i had spent on his/her project? so not all but there are a lot of buyer which(when they leave a negative review or not a full 5 star review) we have to ask them to change their rating to save the ID and our earning as well.

So give some better suggestions for it instead of saying ‘do not change the rating and ruin someone’s id and made him zero’

thank you and sorry for my hard words.