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Edit/remove bad feedback that sellers ask you to do!

In as much I wont subscribe to a seller soliciting for 5 star rating, there are times buyers do the rating in error of judgment and it is necessary to correct them.

I have had occasions where buyers left me negative rating just because of avoidable misunderstanding on their part, which after such is addressed, they want to change their reviews and ratings.

This means situations may warrant changing a bad review and negative rating for the good of all parties involved, after all, buyers and sellers are suppose to be partners in progress and no buyer wants to lose a good seller on flimsy error, the same way it goes for sellers.

That apart, I feel a sincere review and rating is good for all involved!

Rate based on their quality of work & customer service. If someone gives me bad work and doesn’t do what was promised I will leave a bad review. I always strive and work for my ratings. Be fair!

Whom would you hire, buddy? A seller with 100 5star rating and amazing reviews or a seller with 99 5 star rating and a 3 star rating where the buyer thought maybe he should act smug and ruin someone’s journey on a freelance network. Dude, people here oversell their service in most cases just because they are afraid that you will give them a bad rating or a review.

The review system is the only reason why you guys signup on this website and hire people. If it weren’t for the rating system, you wouldn’t be here.

You even check for review and rating while shopping for something on amazon. Which product would you choose if one has 4.9 stars and the other one has 5 stars. Given that both of these products are the same but from different companies.

Fiverr is giving this opportunity to the sellers and they must have any logic behind that so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

I feel like the OP’s original intent was to put this out there to exploit the idea that we strive for 5 star feedback. He specifically states “they will do anything for you to remove it”. We have personally dealt with this type of thing a great deal. We let our feedback do the talking for us but when we do get the occasional 4 star feedback or even a 3 star we will simply contact before leaving our own feedback and ask if there were any issues. If we can come to a compromise than that is great to get that 5 star, but if not than so be it, buyers are entitled just as sellers are to leave feedback. We have had the occasional seller who tries to leave bad review to try to get free services and sometimes just to be that rude person. We will not do “anything” but we always try to come to a resolve, and in fact in the rare cases where we have had these bad eggs leave negative feedback unfairly we simply contacted fiverr support and after reviewing order page and inbox fiverr support removed the negative feedback! If you have done your job the fiverr team is great at seeing it. What helped was communicating with the client as much as possible before contacting support. That way the client basically makes their intent more clear. If they have no good reason for leaving bad feedback or are purposely doing it to try to get additional service it’s usually easy to spot.
Again this is only in regards to purposely leaving unfair low or negative feedback in attempt to get free or additional service.
Getting a 4 star review isn’t the worst thing in the world and a seller shouldn’t be afraid of honest feedback or 3 or 4 stars. We encourage clients to be honest in all their interactions on Fiverr. As a seller try to do your best to come to a resolve, without badgering the client of course. And buyers be open to compromise. MANY sellers are selling services at 1/2 to 1/4 of market rate!!! Talent and time have to have a some what happy balance vs. compensation. Understand that not all sellers offer free revisions or certain revisions without fee. If they are offering you a discounted revision or free revision for 5 star it doesn’t mean you can’t still be honest in your review. But saying “don’t do it” isn’t very fair if a seller is really trying to make sure you are getting what you expected to the best of their abilites. Currently dealing with the exact situation of getting 4 star review, we didn’t need and there was no obvious or present issue with the product delivered, but we went ahead and asked the client if there was an issue. He said he loved them but was expecting a slightly different sound on the 3rd drop. WE offered, he didn’t ask, to make a revision and if it was to his liking go ahead and revise his feedback. He has no issue doing so. Easy. Everyone is happy and its something that won’t take long and we potentially gained a return client.
(alternatively in some cases we have made the compromise WITHOUT doing revisions or additional work of simply having the client remove the feedback instead of revising to 5 star, this way the order is not factored in at all. Communication is key in all scenarios)
Fiverr on!

There is one rare exception I came across this week where a guy gave me 4 stars on a gig that I normally get 5 stars constantly. I asked him politely about it as his written review was absolutely brilliant and didn’t match the amount of stars given. He was actually reviewing via the fiverr app and slipped with his finger and did indeed want to put 5 stars. So he happily edited it.

I always over deliver, but it happens that some buyers don’t understand that, so when I receive a less than five star evaluation, I contact my buyer immediately with the message below. Very often, the buyer will come back to me saying that they have not realised that they had given me a poor review and adjust to a better mark. Here is the message I send out (fortunately rarely):

Thanks for your evaluation. In order to enable me to improve my services, I would be much obliged if you would let me know what stopped you from giving me a 5 star review, and if you feel that after all it might deserve a bit more than what you have graded, I would be very happy if you would reconsider. All you have to do is edit your review and click on the 3 sets of 5 stars.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I agree with you comment 100%. Their are many factors that can cause a buyer to praise a sellers work but not rate them 5 stars. Delivery time etc. Some buyers like myself prefer to choose gigs that do not have a perfect score all the time. Nobody’s perfect and a less than perfect rating gives us a well rounded realistic idea of what we can expect from a seller.

Peje, you are completely wrong. If you buy a service that does not like the results.

We recommend that you switch to another service, and you check out the gigs, what’s on sale.
So you are not stuck with the past.

Sellers deserve a 5 star if they work according to what they sell

It would be good if there was an update review feature where the old review stays but the buyer and seller both can post an update. 100% positive reviews are not realistic but having this type of system will allow us to rate not only our experience but also our feeling about the resolution to the problem. It would not only show us how people truly feel but also give us a good idea of how they feel about a sellers customer service.

i only receive 5 stars you know why, dedication, showing love, showing results, fast as possible when i receive a order about 20 a day i wake up check if it’s good start the process, message the buyer that the process is started and when finished press deliver work with a short message that i am glad that he choose me and i appreciate the good feedback and if he has any remarks or comments over my service i listen and adapt it

it’s hard some people are really annoying i had someone messaging me every 30 minutes but still i answered all his question that it when his/her order finishes they start to trust you and still order again :slight_smile:

buddy some times 1 star feedback is left purely due to misunderstandings, like once i sent a client a jpeg file of the logo only for approval and modifications, i wanted him to approve the design before i sent final files, but he thought that the jpeg i sent were the final files , so he left a 1 star review stating that i had not delivered all the files. so i contacted him and explained to him, and he apologized and revised the review, and has been one of my most regular customers.
so i dont think that it is bad to communicate and try to persuade your client into giving you a good review, i break my back to serve my clients. so i dont think that i deserve a bad review for a misunderstood statement or miscommunication. i think you should not misguide the buyers into believing what you your self believe is right.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to standards. Some buyers have really high standards, where 3 stars is the best they can give for the service you’ve provided. Although, they drop messages like “Outstanding experience.”.

Maybe the sellers need to have a free pizza and a coke together with the service package to get their 5 star rating.

Or, they’re just playing with your feelings. lol

I’ll just say that although I can see the OP’s point… Almost no buyers understand the reality between a 4.0 or 4.5 starts and 5.0 stars. There is a huge difference in how your gig gets affected from a 4 to 5 star rating. The thumbs up/down was much better. Although the search engine should be modified to show the most relevant gigs (via keywords/SEO) moreso than the awkward mix match of results we seem to get now…

I’ll give you one example of why one client this week left a 1.0 star rating.

You ready for this?

They said the video I provided was great. But they could not figure out how to download and save the file. Even after I sent a dropbox link , gave them the fiverr FAQ links to help , and after I sent it to them through the inbox. They were frustrated and threatening to have a paypal dispute over it.

Of course I had that one fixed.

But then you get a client that gets a little sour that their video will cost a little more if they want a certain modification , and they want to give you less than 5 stars. So really , there should be some more protection for the sellers.

All the buyers need to know is that you should assume that all professional sellers here take their business seriously and a few 4.0 or 4.5 star ratings can ruin years of work.

In my opinion a “Good Seller” would typically have 1 bad review per 100 good reviews. Or even less. I think we have several hundreds of reviews and only one is less than 5.0 due to it being a lengthy project that went a day or 2 late.

I’d say that your buyer was a little of a computer illiterate considering that he’s buying something online. How ironic is that?

well said. I have same experience, some buyers say “I do not give 5 star for any seller” LOL
I think we need good solution, refund is not good solution.

Or just give them a free pizza and a coke.

agreed, I have same experience, some buyers say “I do not give 5 star for any seller” so what is the solution, refund? 1star refund, 2star refund, 3 star refund, 4 star refund? we need good solution.

here is the one capture shot, who did the 2 star review with saying " Thank You" LOL

  • I edited buyer name

I have faced some terrible new buyers. They don’t know how review system work. In inbox they said … i have done outstanding work and they left 4 or 5 star review…After that they disappear. and for 5 or 10 bucks… i suffer. :frowning: